What is the purpose of a heater core in a car?

The heater core has tubes that circulate hot engine coolant through them before the coolant is returned to the radiator. Air blows over the hot coolant to warm it before it's blown through your vehicle's vents. If the air is cold instead of hot, your core might be leaking all of the hot coolant out of the tubes. via

Does coolant flow through heater core?

When you turn on the heat inside your car, air blows over the heater core, is warmed and comes into the cabin. Some vehicles have a heater valve that directs coolant through the heater core when the heat is on and bypasses the heater core when the heat is off. via

How many hours does it take to change a heater core?

6-8 hours,2 people,if they know what they are doing! via

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