Can a bad oil pressure sensor cause reduced engine power?

A bad pressure sensor can become the reason for the low pressure of oil. It would mean that oil is not reaching some parts of the engine. In which case, these parts will run dry, and much of engine power will be lost as heat to overcome the friction between these dry mating parts. via

How does an oil pressure safety switch work?

The oil-pressure switch breaks the control circuit when the pressure difference between the oil pump outlet and the crankcase is too low. The switch must be properly adjusted and tamper proof. If the oil differential pressure falls below the minimum acceptable value the compressor will be stopped after a 120 sec. via

What is the fuel pump pressure for TBI?

The fuel pressure regulator is set for approximately 12 psi (30 psi on '94 & '95 BBC trucks). With a service range of 9 to 13 psi being considered good. via

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