Can Q50 run E85?

AMS Performance Q50/Q60 Red Alpha Flex Fuel Kit v2

With the Red Alpha Flex Fuel Kit v2 you can run gasonline, E85, or any mixture of gas and ethanol with a content rating from 0 to 100% ethanol. via

How much is a JB4?

The JB4, on the other hand, ranges from $479-$900 and includes 8 unique maps, including maps for pump gas, race gas, ethanol fuels (E85), factory tuning, VALET mode, WMI integration, and a user-defined map. via

Does dual exhaust increase gas mileage?

Increment in fuel economy

Interestingly, using a dual exhaust increases the fuel economy of your vehicle and makes sure it has enough energy to sustain the car. The dual exhaust reduces the strain being put on the engine, so car power can be utilized on other tasks. via

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