What does the 3 mean in Innova discs?

What does the number "3" mean on Innova discs? Basically, it comes down to speed and control. The top "dome" of the disc has been flattened, which reduces aerodynamic drag, allowing the disc to travel faster through the air. via

What is Innova abbreviation?

Innova Golf Disc Abbreviations

Abbr. Innova Disc Fade
BO Boss 3
BST Beast 2
CH Cheetah 2
CL Colt 1


How do I know which Innova disc I have?

As far as I know, all Innova discs have some kind of identification on the bottom of the disc... via

What does Innova TL stand for?

MORE INFO. The TL is the brother of the reliable Teebird. The “L” stands for “Less Overstable” and “Longer”. This disc has the same great speed and glide as the Teebird, but is straighter flying with less fade at the end of the flight. via

What do the 4 numbers on a disc mean?

These four numbers represent different characteristics of the flight. The four numbers are: speed, glide, turn, fade. For example, let's take the Discmania FD. The FD has flight ratings of 7, 6, -1, 1. That means this disc has a speed rating of 7, glide rating of 6, turn rating of -1, and a fade rating of 1. via

How do I know if my disk is Overstable or Understable?

The most effective way to tell if a disc is overstable or understable is to throw it. Try throwing the disc backhand and aiming straight. For right-handed players, an understable disc will turn to the right and an overstable disc will turn to the left. A stable disc will go straight. via

Are prototype discs PDGA approved?

In my opinion if the disc passes all the requirements for pdga approval and the discs' name eventually received pdga approval than YES, prototypes are legal. The fee we pay for approval covers the testing and the marketing of the name of the disc and its ability to be used for pdga play. via

What does penned mean in disc golf?

Penned = factory written weight/mold ID on back of disc Inked = previous disc owner has written their name / contact info. via

How do I identify a disc?

The easiest and most popular way to mark your disc is by writing your name, phone number, and PDGA number (if you have one) on the bottom of the disc with a Sharpie. This helps to distinguish your disc as unique. It also provides contact information so that the disc can be returned to you in case it gets lost. via

How many Innova discs are there?

We have over 90 disc models to satisfy a wide range of players and throwing techniques. To learn more about what each of these characteristics mean, refer to the descriptions below. via

What disc has a 7 Glide?

Disc Information

The Latitude 64 River is one the highest rated fairway drivers. It has incredible glide and is a great driver for beginners. Latitude gives this disc a glide rating of 7, higher than any other disc golf disc. via

What is the 5th number on a disc?

We applaud this move! First you'll see the four digits which equate to speed / glide / turn / fade, followed by a fifth number which is the old-school Discraft flight number. via

What is a Hyzer Flip?

A Hyzer Flip is very similar to an S-Shot but follows a straighter line. An understable disc is thrown very fast with a hyzer angle of release. The disc turns or “flips” up and brings its nose down in the process. This allows for a long straight glide. via

What is RHBH disc golf?

RHBH – Short for 'right-handed backhand'. A type of throw where a person throws with their right hand with a backhand throw. Other throws are RHFH for 'right-handed forehand', and the equivalent throws for left-handed players, LHBH and LHFH. When discussing disc flight it is important to make this distinction. via

Which Innova discs are Overstable?

The Innova Champion Invictus is an overstable distance driver. Invictus is Latin for “unconquered” and for long range throws into a headwind, there's .. This is the Innova Star Destroyer - Ricky Wysocki Tour Series 2021. When 2-time World Champion and current #1 ranked professional disc golfer Ricky Wy.. via

Do Understable discs fly farther?

Understable discs go farther than overstable discs of a similar speed, so an understable mid can encroach on some fairway drivers, and have zero fade. via

What discs are Understable?

A disc with a -5 rating offers the least resistance therefore will turn the easiest while a +1 rating is most resistant to turning. Discs rated -5 to -2 make good roller discs and are considered understable. refers to the end of the flight. via

Are friction gloves PDGA legal?

Yes. They are legal for PDGA play as long as they also meet the overall restrictions (weight, rim sharpness, flexibility, etc) as outlined by the PDGA Technical Standards document. via

Are DGA discs PDGA approved?

The Steady BL (beadless) made by DGA was PDGA Approved on 6-21-2018. "DGA is excited to announce the release of its new version of our popular putt & approach disc, the Steady! via

Is the koi PDGA approved?

This straight to under-stable putter will hold every line you put it on, and our floppy rubber material will ensure it stops on a dime and melts into the chains. The PDGA approved Koi gives you the confidence needed to run even the most difficult putts and dangerous approaches. via

What is beefy in disc golf?

Beefy means overstable. Regardless of whether the disc is a putter, mid, or driver. via

What is MPO in disc golf?

Male and Female Pro players may compete in nine age-based pro divisions, based on their year of birth: Open – under age 40 (MPO), Pro Master 40+ (MP40), Pro Master 50+ (MP50), Pro Master 55+ (MP55), Pro Master 60+ (MP60), Pro Master 65+ (MP65), Pro Master 70+ (MP70), Pro Master 75+ (MP75), and Pro Master 80+ (MP80). via

Why is it called Jomez?

What is a "Jomez"? Jomez (pronounced JOE-MEZ) was the nickname given to Jonathan by his co-workers at a summer camp that he worked at with his brother in 2007. Everyone called his older brother Chris, “Gomez”, so they used “Jomez” as a way to differentiate the two. via

What are the 4 personality types disc?

What Are the Four DiSC® Personality Types?

  • D: DOMINANCE—This style is both bold and skeptical.
  • i: INFLUENCE—This style is both bold and accepting.
  • S: STEADINESS—This style is both cautious and accepting.
  • C: CONSCIENTIOUSNESS—This style is both cautious and skeptical.
  • via

    Is discraft better than Innova?

    In my opinion, Discraft gives players better and simpler turn ratings. Innova has a more complicated way of rating the stability of their discs (though the principle is the same). Innova uses a +1 to -5 turn rating system. A disc with a turn rating of +1 is most resistant to turning. via

    How do you identify a mystery disc?

  • identify company (either stamped on the flight plate, or in tooling on underside of flightplate)
  • check for tooling/markings/initials identifying mold.
  • Innova initials near nipple.
  • via

    What is hyzer and Anhyzer?

    The difference between hyzer and anhyzer is how the disc is released in an angle by the disc golf player. The hyzer throw happens when the top of the disc is facing away from the thrower. The opposite is anhyzer, where the top of the disc will face the thrower upon release. via

    What discs does Innova make?


  • Read More. Aero. [ 3 | 6 | 0 | 0 ]
  • Animal. [ 2 | 1 | 0 | 1 ] The Animal was designed to be a short-range, stable forehand and backhand approach disc.
  • Ape. [ 13 | 5 | 0 | 4 ]
  • Archangel. [ 8 | 6 | -4 | 1 ]
  • Archon. [ 11 | 5 | -2 | 2 ]
  • Atlas. [ 5 | 4 | 0 | 1 ]
  • Avatar. [ 5 | 4 | 0 | 2 ]
  • Aviar. [ 2 | 3 | 0 | 1 ]
  • via

    What putter does Joel Freeman use?

    For putting putters, Joel Freeman is using his Infinitediscs Signature Series X-Blend Scarab, which are fairly overstable. via

    Is the river an Understable disc? (video)


    What weight disc do pros use?

    Competing players use the heaviest, 178-180 grams, weight class mids in general. The 150 class and 165-169 grams weight classes are best for junior players and beginners. The most common misconception is that heavier discs fly further. Lighter discs work well for players at all levels. via

    Whats the highest glide for a disc?

    Highest Glide Discs Comparison Table

    Product Glide Price
    Latitude 64 Retro Burst River 7 glide Check Price
    Innova Aero 6 glide Check Price
    Innova Tern 6 glide Check Price
    Innova Star Shryke 6 glide Check Price


    What makes a disc Understable?

    If you have a disc made so that more air passes over it than under it so that the nose is exposed to more downward force, the right edge will go down. This turns the disc right and makes it understable. via

    What is the extra number on discraft?

    It is numbered from 1 to 14 and is the measurement of the disc when traveling in the air. The greater the number is on the speed rating, the faster the disc needs to travel through the air to perform optimally. Usually, the faster speed discs are designed to cut through the air more easily than slower speed discs. via

    What is a good disc golf rating?

    Players who average the course layout SSA will have a rating of 1000. As of 2021, top pro players who average scores lower than SSA have ratings over 1000 ranging up to 1050. PDGA amateur men average around 860 and women around 725. via

    Can you hyzer flip a destroyer?

    I primarily throw rhbh and I hyzer-flip most all of my shots. My favorites to do this with are Nuke, Pro Katana, and Valkyrie. I just found out that I am able to flip a pro destroyer. That was an awesome feeling. via

    When should you throw an Understable disc?

    Understable discs can be utilized for long panning anhyzer shots that drift from left-to-right the entire flight path. They are great for hyzer flip shots, where you throw the disc on a hyzer release angle. When done right, it will flip up to flat and fly really far before fading softly at the end. via

    Can you hyzer flip a Overstable disc?

    It has to be understable enough so that it will flip up and glide without turning all the way over and burning. If you pick a disc that is too overstable, it will never flip up for you and will just follow a hyzer line off target. via

    What is a Starframe?

    star frame (plural star frames) (disc golf) An instance where every player in a group of four makes a birdie or better. via

    What is a eagle in disc golf?

    An “Eagle” is one of the most basic scoring terms used by disc golfers, and it means a score of 2-under par on any individual disc golf hole. Every hole on the course is given a par rating, or an expected number of strokes, and a player must complete the hole in 2 less strokes than par (or 2 under par). via

    What are the 3 types of discs?

    There are four main types of disc golf discs - distance drivers, fairway drivers, midranges, and putters. Choosing the right type of disc for the right situation can make all the difference in your score! via

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