Are GSR blades directional?

yeah.. all the GSR blades point at the same direction when you lay them next to each other. so when you put it on the car. the driver side the blades will be facing backward. and the passanger side the blades will face forward. via

What size are GSR blades center caps?

They meaure ~ on the inside and 57.85mm on the face. That comes to about 2.2" on the inside and 2.275" on the face. via

Is the Acura Integra JDM?

Born of a JDM icon the Integra Type R had everything, the looks, the sports-tuned chassis, and best of all, one of Honda's most legendary engines of all time, which is frighteningly powerful for its smaller capacity. Below are just some reasons why the Acura Integra Type R has become an icon. via

How much horsepower does a stock GSR have?

Registered. The USDM GS-R comes with 170hp stock. JDM SiR-G (Japanese equivalent of our GS-R) comes with 180hp. via

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