What is the interior space of a Toyota Sienna?

Passenger Dimensions Inside the 2022 Sienna

Offering 159.7 cubic feet of passenger volume with the available moonroof or 162.5 cubic feet without the moonroof, the 2022 Toyota Sienna offers spacious passenger dimensions to enjoy. via

Is Toyota Sienna a 7 seater?

The Toyota Sienna has eight seats as standard. A seven-seat layout is available, and it replaces the second-row bench seat with a pair of captain's chairs. via

Which minivan has the most interior room?

Every minivan offers a spacious, super-practical cabin — that's why you buy one. But the Kia Carnival has the most space. The 40 cubic feet of trunk space behind the third row is massive. You can also fold the third row flat and remove the second row for a massive potential 145.1 cubic feet. via

Can you take seats out of Toyota Sienna?

Locate and pull the release strap on the top right of your driver's side middle row seat. Lower the seat until it's flat. Pull the release strap underneath the front of the seat to unlatch it. At this point, the seat should detach. via

Is Toyota Sienna an 8 seater?

The Toyota Sienna can seat up to eight occupants when fitted with the second-row bench seat. The available second-row captain's chairs reduce seating capacity to seven. The first- and second-row seats are comfortable and accommodating for taller occupants. via

Can you remove the second row seats in a Toyota Sienna?

The Situation

2nd-row seats of the previous Sienna generation (2011-2020) were easily removable by pulling a latch. However, the 4th-gen Sienna's 2nd-row seats are not removable by the user, at least according to Toyota. via

Which van has the most interior space?

The 7 Best Large Cargo Vans

Name Price Cargo Capacity (cubic feet)
Ford Transit Starting at $34,510 135'
GMC Savana Starting at $33,295 239.4'
Freightliner Sprinter Starting at $33,790 319'
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Starting at $33,790 319'


Is the new Toyota Sienna selling well?

Sales for the Sienna plummeted by 42 percent in 2020, reflecting which model buyers preferred. However, in Q1 2021, the Sienna sold 14,782 units, while the Odyssey only sold 10,873 units. via

How do you maintain a Toyota Sienna?

  • Regularly change engine oil and replace oil filter.
  • Frequently check brake wear and change brake pads as needed.
  • Rotate and replace tires when needed.
  • Replace engine and cabin air filters at regular intervals.
  • via

    What does Sienna stand for?

    What does Sienna mean and stand for? The name Sienna is of Italian origin and means "reddish brown." It is ultimately from the city Siena, Italy due to the reddish-brown clay that originates there. via

    Why are there no Toyota Siennas?

    The 2021 Toyota Sienna: The bad

    Toyota planned to roll out the 2021 model with a built-in vacuum in the Limited trim and a fridge in the Platinum trim, MotorTrend reported. However, due to the pandemic's effects on manufacturing, those features are no longer available. via

    Which is quieter Sienna or Odyssey?

    On the plus side, the Sienna has a softer, more compliant ride than the Odyssey and better sound insulation. But the biggest advantage the Sienna has is it's much less thirsty. via

    Which minivan has most legroom?

    Best Minivans for Tall People

    2021 Honda Odyssey — includes 40.9 inches of front legroom and 40.7 inches of front headroom. 2021 Chrysler Pacifica — includes 41.1 inches of front legroom and 40.1 inches of front headroom. via

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