Why did they use Minis in Italian Job?

32 Minis were used throughout the shooting. A MINI with two steering wheels was used for some of the shooting in order that a stunt driver could drive the car whilst one of the actors performed in front of the camera. via

What Minis are used in The Italian Job?

2 electric-powered MINI Coopers and 1 MINI Cooper S had to be specifically built for the film, since gasoline-powered vehicles are not allowed to operate in Los Angeles' all-electric subway system for safety reasons. via

Did Mini Cooper pay for The Italian Job?

From Newsweek: So far, summer's best product placement the too-cute Mini Coopers in The Italian Job didn't cost the car company a penny. BMW just turned over the keys to 32 of its British bulldogs, and agreed to let the studio demolish them during the elaborate chase scenes. via

What happened to Italian Job Minis?

All sixteen Cooper S used in the filming of the Italian Job were also destroyed during filming, many ending up on their roofs and damaged beyond repair during the sewer tunnel stunts. via

How much is a Mini Cooper S 2003 worth?

How much is a 2003 MINI Cooper worth? The value of a used 2003 MINI Cooper ranges from $622 to $2,465, based on vehicle condition, mileage, and options. via

Did they really destroy the cars in The Italian Job?

It's a beautiful car, beautifully shot, in a beautiful location. The scene does come to an abrupt end, however, as the car winds up destroyed due to a nefariously placed piece of heavy machinery. Thankfully, the car wasn't really destroyed. The filmmakers weren't daft enough to destroy an actual Miura. via

Is Mini Cooper Italian?

Mini (stylised as MINI) is a British automotive marque founded in 1969, owned by German automotive company BMW since 2000, and used by them for a range of small cars assembled in England and Holland. via

Who drove the three Minis in The Italian Job?

It's a British movie in which the three Mini stunt drivers are French--Rémy Julienne's team--and the three vehicles are blue, red and white--the colors of the French and British flags. Noël Coward was director Peter Collinson's godfather in real life. via

Did any of The Italian Job Minis survive?

The car chase was more imaginative than real and far more amusing than it was thrilling, reason enough why it was later parodied in many shows over the years. That said; none of the 16 Mini Coopers of the show survived, and all were destroyed during filming. via

Where is Mr Bean's car?

Mr Bean's Mini - The National Motor Museum Trust. via

What happened to the bus in The Italian Job?

The coach was used in the scene where it was dangled over the cliff edge, while interiors were filmed in London. The Bus was later bought by racing driver Archie Cromar and converted into a transporter for his Formula Ford racing car. via

Did they destroy a Miura in The Italian Job?

Producer Michael Deely later recalled how an irate Miura fan had a go at him for wrecking the beautiful Lambo, but it was all part of the illusion. Deely explained that the Miura that was destroyed was, in fact, an accident write-off and not the fully-functioning gleaming model that appears in the film. via

Did they wreck a real Lamborghini in The Italian Job?

The movie actually borrowed two Miura models from Lamborghini. However, one was already wrecked before the movie, so it made for the perfect stunt car. Sadly, shortly after the movie was filmed, the original operating Miura that drove up the pass was lost. via

Where was the mountain scene in The Italian Job filmed?

Aosta, Italy

The literal cliffhanger ending, with the coach seesawing over a mountain precipice, has become as famous as the Mini Coopers themselves. via

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