What are cowl covers for?

Designed to prevent the side mirror from striking the cowl as the driver or passenger doors swing fully open, the cover is a stylish yet functional accessory that prevents mirror dents to Jeep hood cowls. via

How do you drain a cowl on a Jeep?

Look dead center of the cowl... there is the drain "funnel" to the tube. Stick a hose down it and crank it full blast to flush any junk out of it. Once done just install the cowl back on. via

Is it OK for a Jeep to get rained on?

The short and long of it is that yes, your Jeep can get wet on the inside, but definitely not for too long. The insides of Jeeps are designed to be water-resistant, but not waterproof. So if you submerge your jeep or leave it out in the rain or snow with the windows and top-down, your seats and floors will get soaked. via

Why are the floors of my car wet? (video)


Where does water go from windshield?

At the base of your vehicle's windshield is an area occupied by the wiper arm linkages. It's usually covered by a metal or plastic cover with slots in it to let water run down into a metal tray at the bottom (usually only a few inches from the top). via

Do soft top Jeeps get cold?

To answer your lingering question, yes, it is completely fine to use Jeep soft tops in the winter. If you don't have dual tops, a soft top will still be able to keep you warm during those cold months. Jeep heaters are known to be quite good, and they also heat up quickly. via

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