How long can I drive without a gas cap?

Driving without a gas cap is generally fine, at least for a little while. There's no risk of noxious gas fumes getting into the passenger cabin. Also, due to a flapper valve within the vehicle, gas won't leak even without a cap. via

What does a quarter of a tank of gas look like?

The line lowest to the bottom would mean you have 1/4 of a tank of gas and you should probably fill up soon, below 1/4 would be close to 1/8 of a tank which means get gas now. via

Is a locking gas cap worth it?

If you live in an area with high rates of fuel theft or even just theft in general, then you could likely benefit from a locking gas cap. Even if it never actually prevents someone from stealing your gas, it is worth the small investment for the peace of mind. via

Can I put a locking gas cap on my car? (video)

Do you need a fuel cap?

You absolutely need a gas cap for your car. The gas cap may be small, despised, and more often forgotten, but it plays a vital role in a car. The fuel cap will guarantee your safety in case of an accident by preventing gasoline from coming out. If your car rolls without a gas cap, you could be in great danger. via

Do fuel caps need to be replaced? (video)

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