Are Kanati tires good?

The excellent combination of quality, durability, and performance ensure that each Kanati tire provides excellent value. Whether you're a driver looking for a strong set of tires for daily use, or for fun over the weekend, Kanati tires offer great performance at a good price. via

How do you service a diaphragm pump? (video)

What is the advantage of diaphragm pump?

1. HANDLES A WIDE VARIETY OF FLUIDS WITH HIGH SOLIDS CONTENT: Handling a wide range of viscosity - both caustic and abrasive, Diaphragm pumps are some of the most versatile pumps in the world. NO close – fitting or rotating parts so liquid with high solid % and/or size of solids can be pumped easily. via

How high can a diaphragm pump lift?

A safe, average range would be between 8 to 15 feet (2.44 to 4.57 meters) depending on the pump's elastomers. via

How much pressure can a centrifugal pump produce?

It can vary between 30 and 70 psi or more. The following table gives the expected flow rate that you would obtain for different pipe sizes assuming the pipe or tube is kept at the same level as the connection to the main water pressure supply and has a 100 feet of length (see Figure 4a). via

How often should a sump pump run during heavy rain?

How long should a sump pump run after heavy rain? It's normal for sump pumps to run two to three days after heavy rain. via

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