How do you set a Kenwood equalizer? (video)

How do I adjust the sound on my Kenwood car stereo? (video)

What is drive equalizer on Kenwood?

Drive EQ +

Drive EQ+ boosts specific frequencies in the audio signal to compensate the negative impact of road noise. The bass is enhanced according to the vehicle speed to compensate for the loss due to noise from the road. via

How do I set my stereo equalizer?

First, position speakers for best sound. Next, set equalizer controls to neutral or 0 before adjusting to your listening preference. For brighter treble, reduce mid-range and low-end frequencies. For more bass, tone down treble and mid-range frequencies. via

Should I have bass EXT on?

I wouldn't advise using it, unless your in the market for new equipment. It's meant to boost bass at low volume and if start using it at high volume, they're a chance you'll start clipping your speakers. Use extreme caution! via

What is volume offset Kenwood?

Volume Offset* Finely adjust the volume of the current source to minimize the difference in volume between different sources. Subwoofer Level. Adjust the subwoofer volume. This setting is not available when subwoofer is set to “None”. via

How do you equalize audio?

  • Turn a Knob Until it Sounds Better.
  • Additive EQ.
  • Subtractive EQ.
  • Exaggerate a frequency boost and sweep to find the worst sounding frequency, then cut that frequency.
  • Solo a Track.
  • via

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