Does Kia Rio have spare tire?

Though you don't have a spare provided by Kia, the tire repair kits help cut down on your car's weight and increase trunk space, while still giving you a safe option should the unexpected occur. via

Where is the spare tire in a Kia Rio?

Locate your tire repair kit located in the trunk under the floorboard. Attach the inflator hose to the tire valve stem. Turn on the unit to inject sealant into your tire. via

Does a 2012 Kia Rio come with a spare tire?

Option 1: WITHOUT Mounted Spare Tire: This does NOT come with a tire. You will have to mount and buy your own tire. via

Where is the jack kept in a Kia Rio?

The spare tire, jack, jack handle and wheel lug nut wrench are stored in the luggage compartment. Remove the luggage under tray out of the way to reach the equipment. The jack is provided for emergency tire changing only. via

Does new cars come with spare tires?

About a third of new cars today do not come with a spare tire, though they might also be equipped with a compressor and sealant kit to temporarily fix a flat tire. Some cars without a spare come with a run-flat tire, which is designed to operate for a limited distance after losing air from a typical puncture. via

How do you change a TYRE on a Kia Rio? (video)

How do you jack up a Kia Rio?

There are four jack points on the vehicle. The two jack points on the front are located behind the front wheel and under the passenger or driver's door. The other two are located at the back wheel and under the rear door. Jack the vehicle onto the jack points using a floor, scissor, or accordion jack. via

What size tires does a Kia Rio have?

2016 Kia Rio LX Tire Size: P185/65R15. via

Does a 2013 Kia Soul have a spare tire?

The Kia Soul does not come with a spare tire; instead you will find a Tire Mobility Kit (or TMK). The TMK comes with everything you need to temporarily get your tire working enough to get to the nearest service center. via

Does a 2021 Kia Forte have a spare tire?

The more recent your Kia Forte model is, the more likely it is that a spare tire is not included. The 2019 and 2020 Kia Forte models do not include a spare tire. In fact, if you purchased a Kia Forte and the model year is after 2013, it most likely does not include a spare tire. via

Does 2016 Kia have spare tire? (video)

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