Why is my electric mirror not working?

There are several possible causes of this symptom. The mirror lockout switch could be in the neutral position, the slave switch could be faulty, there could be no power to the slave switch, or the circuits between the two switches could have a problem. via

How do electric rear view mirrors work?

The electronically-operated mirror uses a combination of light sensors and an electrochromic gel that changes color when it either gains or loses electrons due to an electric current. The gel sits between two pieces of glass, which has a clear coating that conducts electricity. via

How do I adjust my electronic rear view mirror?

Locate your car's mirror adjustment controls.

Most modern cars have an electronic switch that controls the position of your left and right-side mirrors. These switches will have buttons that move your mirrors upward, downward, left, and right. via

What is a Kia EC mirror?

The Auto Dimming Mirror with digital compass and HomeLink® automatically dims the harsh glare of reflecting lights. The HomeLink® feature allows you to program the mirror to activate your garage door(s), estate gate, home lighting, etc. via

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