Do traction bars help towing?

When you tow heavy there is often terrible axle wrap. With the added weight and increases demand for power to move, the axle will rotate more then normal. Tractions bars will prevent this and keep your leafs in better condition. via

How do I get rid of wheel hop? (video)

How do you control wheel hop?

How To Fix Tire Hop. One of the most common tried & tested remedies for wheel hop is to use a torque bar on the rear axle of a car that is facing this issue. The torque bar dampens the vibrations and only allows slight movement of the drive axle in case of a hard launch. via

Can traction bars be to long?

The length of the traction bar will differ by application, but it's important that the bar be long enough to cycle with the suspension. If the bar is too short it may bind the suspension or rear driveline. Generally, the longer you can make the bar the better. via

Can Wheelhop cause damage?

Aside from slowing your car down and feeling terrible, wheel hop can cause damage. The rapid traction loss and recovery puts a huge amount of stress on your vehicle's axles and can lead to failures if the wheel hop is serious or happens often. via

Why does my truck skip when I turn?

As you turn, the outside wheel spins faster than the inside wheel, if the limited slip diff fluid is dirty it will cause the clutches to be sticky at lower speeds making the drive train bind then release causing the vehicle to shake a little and the wheels to chirp a bit. via

What feature prevents wheel hop?

To prevent wheel hop, Dodge utilizes a special Launch Assist feature. As part of the feature, wheel speed sensors look for signs of tire slipping. If this happens, a control module reduces engine torque to help regain traction, preventing wheel hop so drivers don't have to back off the throttle. via

Why is my rear tire bouncing?

The most likely cause of the bouncing tires is worn-out or broken shock absorbers. Unfortunately, shock absorbers are one of the most overlooked wear items on vehicles. The shock absorbers are the next most important safety items after your brake system. via

Can you use Roadmaster Active Suspension with airbags?

They confirmed that the two parts may be able to be used together. You'll need to make sure, on your truck, that there is at least 3-1/4 inches between the u-bolts for spring stack and the air bag kit you have. via

What is a military wrap leaf spring?

A military wrap is when the second leaf wraps around the main leaf at the eye to retain the spring in place in case the main leaf breaks. Shot peening the individual leaves makes them stronger and more resistant to fatigue. via

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