How much HP does a LSA supercharger give?

Supercharger Upgrades

Engine Upper Pulley Horsepower (at the wheels)
LSA 3.000 in. 475 hp (CTS-V)
LSA 3.000 in. 515 hp (Camaro ZL1)
LSA 2.550 in. +50 hp
LSA 2.550 in. +70 hp


What engines will an LSA supercharger fit?

Most LSA superchargers end up going on 5.3 and 6.0 truck engines with cathedral port cylinder heads. Our cathedral to square port intake adapters are the perfect solution to get your LSA supercharger swap going. via

Can you supercharge an LS1?

Make sure to get it out of the air if you want 12-15psi boost because it will pop. cost for an LS1 supercharger are likely somewhere between $3200 and 4000, and this can include brackets and hardware as well. via

How much does it cost to supercharge an LS1?

Expenses, a supercharger for an LS1 probably costs in and around the realm of $3200 and that should (but not necessarily does) include brackets, hardware etc etc.... via

How much HP does an LSA blower add?

The beast that is the LSA was designed for hundreds of thousands of miles of trouble-free performance. Thanks to the aftermarket, anyone can take advantage of this durability and add over 250 hp without upgrading a single long-block component. via

What is needed for LSA swap?

What do I need to do for an LSA/ZL1 supercharger swap - Part 1

  • What do I need to do for an LSA/ZL1 supercharger swap - Part 1. This is a question we get asked all too often.
  • Supercharger:
  • Intercooler Lid:
  • Intercooler heat exchanger and pump:
  • Fuel Rail:
  • Injectors:
  • Engine Harness and Controller:
  • via

    What all is needed for a LSA swap?

  • Brand New GM LSA Supercharger.
  • Snout.
  • Supercharger Lid optional (comes with IAT Sensor + 3 bar MAP Sensor)
  • Bypass valve.
  • Intake manifold gaskets.
  • Lid Gasket.
  • LS9 Fuel Rails.
  • Lid and Intake Bolts.
  • via

    How much HP does a supercharger add to a LS1?

    Connecting your supercharger to the engine intake can add around 50-100 horsepower. via

    How much boost can a stock LS1?

    on a stock ls1/ls2. These boost numbers can be plenty safe so long as the car has the proper tune. that PSI *can* be safe detonation wise (with a really good tune!)...but common evidence suggests that 500-550rwhp is about the limit of stock internals, mainly the pistons and con rods begin to start dying over 550rwhp. via

    Can you supercharge an LS motor?

    For those building an LS engine for a street rod, muscle car, or other older vehicle and appreciate the look of the old-school “71”-style Jimmy blowers, Blower Drive Service offers supercharger kits for engines that use LS cathedral-port heads. via

    Is the LSA engine good?

    If you answered YES to the above, Then the LSA is an awesome upgrade for you, You can stop reading now & have the confidence that the LSA is one of the best value factory LS engines ever produced. Great choice, Enjoy your new power plant! via

    How much HP can a stock LSA handle?

    How Much Hp Can A Lsa Handle?

    Engine Intake Duration (@ .050 in.) Horsepower (at the wheels)
    LSA 198° 475 hp (CTS-V)
    LSA 198° 515 hp (Camaro ZL1)
    LSA 215°-225° +50 hp
    LSA 225°-235° +75 hp


    How much does it cost to build an LSA engine?

    $4-5k would be cheap for an LSA, $8k is probably in the ballpark for a reliable conservative build. via

    Does LSA have forged internals?

    Within the LSA's cylinder block spins a balanced, dropped-forged steel crankshaft with an eight-bolt flange to mount the flywheel. (The LS9 has a 9-bolt pattern). via

    What is a ZL1 lid?

    A. The ZL1 lid provides better cooling over the stock CTS-V LSA lid. This claim has also been backed by GM. The ZL1 “brick” or intercooler provides more efficient airflow, resulting in a smaller pressure drop across it. This translates into almost one pound more boost in the plenum as well. via

    Where is LSX innovations located?

    Company Description: Lsx Innovations, Inc is located in Bend, OR, United States and is part of the Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturing Industry. via

    What's better LSA or LS3?

    And to answer your last question, without the blower the LSA would put down lower numbers than the LS3 because it was designed to be boosted for more power more reliably and more efficiently than a LS3 with just a more aggressive cam. It's not just a LS3 with a supercharger though. via

    How much horsepower does a LSA make?

    556-580 hp @ 6,300 rpm

    LSA Performance Specifications
    Compression Ratio 9.1:1
    Horsepower Rating 556-580 hp @ 6,300 rpm
    Torque Rating 551-556 ft./lbs.


    How do I get more horsepower out of my LS1?

  • A cold air intake kit.
  • Headers.
  • An aftermarket exhaust system.
  • A computer programmer.
  • via

    Does supercharger replace intake manifold?

    In the broadest terms, the installation requires the following: Replacing the stock intake manifold with the supercharger compressor/manifold assembly. Swapping the throttle body onto the supercharger system. via

    Does a supercharger improve fuel economy?

    While the turbo's primary drawback is boost lag, the supercharger's is efficiency. Because a supercharger uses the engine's own power to spin itself, it siphons power—more and more of it as engine revs climb. Supercharged engines tend to be less fuel efficient for this reason. via

    Which LS engines are supercharged?

    The LS9 has a 4-lobe Eaton 2.3 L supercharger on top, while the LSA has a smaller 1.9 L. Both are the most powerful engines offered in their respective cars, the LS9 in the Corvette ZR1, and the LSA in the CTS-V and hopefully the Camaro Z28 one day. via

    Is the LSA a Roots blower?

    GM Factory-Supercharged LS9 and LSA Engines. Launched in 2008, the Corvette ZR1 and Cadillac CTS-V were the first LS production engines from GM to use forced induction. Each features an Eaton-developed Roots-type supercharger blowing—via a charge cooler—into a 6.2-liter engine. via

    What does Chevy LSA stand for?

    Posts: 2,719. LSA=Loud Stupendous Accelleration. via

    What's the difference between LS and LSX?

    The LSX (note the capitalized “X”) is a race variant of the lightweight LS7 engine. This 7.0L (427ci) version of the Gen IV small block went into the 2006 Corvette. In contrast to the 'vette motor, the LSX has a cast-iron block that handles a lot more horsepower. via

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