How do you use a medium clay bar? (video)

What does a clay bar actually do? (video)

What level clay bar should I use?

Fine clay bars tend to be the easiest to use simply because the clay is softer. Fine clay is great for a lightly contaminated finish, but not so great at removing things like sap and overspray. If you clay your car regularly, you shouldn't need anything more than a fine grade clay bar. via

Will clay bar remove scratches?

A clay bar does NOT remove any scratches from the surface of the paint because it contains no abrasives. A clay bar is useful for when a car's paint feels rough and is no longer smooth to the touch as it can help restore that nice smooth feeling you once knew and loved. via

Can you clay bar over ceramic coating? (video)

Are all clay bars the same?

Re: Are all clay bars the same? Yes, they're all designed to do the same job. There are differences only in the level of aggressiveness; fine, medium, mild, etc... via

How many clay bars does a car need?

Take a 100g clay bar and divide it into two pieces. You'll only need about 50g to do the whole car. Knead the 1/2 clay bar in your hands until it softens. Spray your clay lubricant over the panel and begin to glide the clay bar in a back and forth motion across the surface. via

Can you wax a car without Claying?

The best way is a proper multi stage process, but on the spectrum from full detail to drive through car wash, waxing without claying is fine by me. via

How do you prepare a car for a clay bar? (video)

What does clay BAR do to paint? (video)

Do you have to wash your car before Clay Bar?

Timing is Key – When to Clay Bar

Claying should always come after a good wash. You want to get as much of the dirt out as possible, by scrubbing and brushing and scrubbing some more. Your choice of cleaning agent will also ensure that your vehicle is ready for the use of a clay bar. via

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