Is a Ford Probe fast?

The NASCAR Dash Series version of a 1990 Ford Probe driven by Jeffrey Collier set a new track record at Daytona International Speedway February 13, 1990 with a speed of 166.553 mph. That record still stands as the fastest closed course lap for a non-turbo 4-cylinder powered car. via

Who saved the Ford Mustang?

Auto industry icon Lee Iacocca, once one of America's highest profile business executives and credited with rescuing Chrysler from near-bankruptcy in the 1980s, has died. He was 94. He was instrumental in the creation of the Ford Mustang and the Chrysler minivan. via

What happened to the Ford EXP?

The model was dropped after the 1988 model year. In 1989 the two-door, front wheel drive Ford Probe hatchback coupe was launched. From 1982 to 1983, a version of the EXP was sold by Lincoln-Mercury dealers as the Mercury LN7. via

Is Ford killing the V8?

The world is on a trend shift from large displacement brawny engines to smaller efficient turbo-petrol motors with lesser cylinders and electric driven future. via

Will Ford stop making gas Mustang?

If you think of American muscle cars as fast sedans with big V8s then the end is nigh. A new report says that Ford will go completely electric with the Mustang by 2028 at the latest. That means gas-powered Mustangs will be gone by 2027 if not before. via

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