How often should you change your shocks on your car?

Like all other automobile parts and systems, shocks and struts have a specific maintenance schedule. Auto repair experts say that generally they should be replaced between every 50,000 to 100,000 miles, depending on how much wear and tear they have received. via

Are gas shock absorbers better?

Gas charged shocks are optimal for high speed driving, as there is no risk of aeration (air mixing with the fluid, causing foam and decreasing performance) like there is with hydraulic shocks. via

Do Monroe shocks have a lifetime warranty?

Limited Lifetime Warranty :: MONROE® SHOCKS & STRUTS. via

How long do spring coils last?

How Long Do Coil Springs Last? There really is no set timeframe at which coil springs expire. A lot of coils last for the life of a vehicle, while others break down sooner. 2. via

What are OESpectrum shocks?

Shocks & Struts. Monroe ® OESpectrum ® shocks and struts are designed with the right technology specific to each vehicle's ride and handling profile to filter out noise, vibration and harshness while enhancing drivability and performance. via

How good are Gabriel shocks?

These are certainly worth the money, as they are the best shocks I have ever installed. As for the front struts, I installed the Gabriel G57022 ReadyMount Complete Strut Assembly and the combination of these with the shocks has completely restored the ride of my vehicle to like-new condition. via

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