Are MR2 Spyders reliable?

It's reliable

Good for 138 hp (103 kW), the 1ZZ-FED VVT 16-valve twin-cam straight-four is a classic yet modern all-aluminum unit that is just as reliable as any Toyota engine if well maintained. One known issue you should look for is pre-cat failure. via

How safe is a Toyota MR2?

The MR2 was designed with a heavy rear end. Its mid-engine platform meant the car could easily spin out of control if a snap-oversteer scenario occurred. These spin-out crashes were incredibly dangerous, and the car developed a reputation for being deadly. via

Is the MR2 a good daily driver?

The Toyota MR2 is absolutely capable of being a very fun, reliable daily driver if you live in a place where the climate allows for it. It's comfortable, reliable (it's a Toyota after all), and relatively safe considering its age. The cost of upkeep is also relatively cheap compared to modern cars. via

Is a MR2 Spyder better than a Miata?

The biggest difference between the Miata and the MR2 Spyder isn't the performance, it's the feel. Mid-engined cars are hard to come by at any price range and the fact that MR2 delivers this exotic layout with the reliability and temperament of an economy car is pretty great. via

Will MR2 Spyder go up in value?

In the US, one of the most affordable cars in the previous report, the unassuming Toyota MR2, became the best performer as it rose in value by an average of 30 percent. In the 2018 list, the BMW M3 was the strongest performer as it rose an average of 20 percent in value. via

What year is the best MR2 Spyder?

“This was reflected by the coupe's exotic looks, which traded the hard '80s angles of the original model for windswept curves that evoked Italian fare like the Ferrari 355.” So the best Toyota MR2 model years are 1990 to 1999, and the fastest of the bunch is the Mk2 Turbo. via

Is the MR2 Spyder mid-engine?

The Toyota MR2 is a line of two-seat, mid-engined, rear-wheel-drive sports cars manufactured in Japan and marketed globally by Toyota from 1984 until 2007 over three generations: W10 (1984–1989), W20 (1990–1999) and W30 (2000–2007). It is Japan's first rear mid-engined production car. via

How fast is a 2001 Toyota MR2 Spyder?

Stepping on the throttle hard in first and second will push you way back in the seat. But the gearing is not that short with first gear being good to 35 mph and second taking you to just shy of 60 mph. Passing is also very quick with 50-70 mph taking less than four seconds (3.93 seconds). via

Is the MR2 Spyder a classic?

In our opinion, the Toyota MR2 is a classic car, especially the first two generations (although many tend to view the MR-S/3rd generation MR2 as a fairly distinct model altogether … via

Why did Toyota stop making the MR2 Spyder?

The Toyota MR2 was one of very few mid-engined rear-wheel-drive affordable sports cars, but its demise was due to a few reasons including increasing competition and a lack of sales. via

How fast does a Toyota MR2 go?

Packing an incredible 1,200 horsepower, the four-cylinder pushes the MR2 beyond its limits and toward record numbers on the drag strip. It's not something you'd expect just by looking at it, but this thing needs less than nine seconds to run the quarter mile and crosses the line at an amazing 180 mph. via

Are mr2s hard to work on?

It is one of the hardest cars that I have had to work on. There is very little room to work on anything. A lot of times it is a lot easier to remove two are more things to get at what you want to work on. via

Is MR2 Spyder rear wheel drive?

Toyota launched its two-passenger, rear-wheel drive sport convertible as a late 2000 model, reviving a name used in the 1990s for a similar mid-engine coupe. Last year, a new model of the MR2 Spyder with a five-speed sequentially shifted manual transmission (SMT) became available. via

What engine is in the MR2 Spyder?

The stock third-generation MR2 came with the ZZW30, a 1.8-liter inline-four making about 140 horsepower mated only to either a 5-speed manual or sequential manual transmission. via

How much is MR2 Spyder worth?

Make Avg Price Last 30 Days
CarGurus Index $30,751 -0.19%
Toyota MR2 Spyder $14,506 +1.63%
2000 Toyota MR2 Spyder $11,691 -2.33%
2001 Toyota MR2 Spyder $14,602 +4.23%


Is a Toyota Spyder a good car?

In reviews, we found the Toyota MR2 Spyder very enjoyable to drive. In a roadster comparison test in 2000, it finished higher than the Miata by being more fun and tossable at the track. Its midengine layout meant it could lose its composure at the limit, but generally it went through turns quite nicely. via

How much is a Toyota Spyder worth?

The value of a used 2000 Toyota MR2 Spyder ranges from $1,842 to $4,853, based on vehicle condition, mileage, and options. via

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