Is the Nissan Juke a reliable car?

The Nissan Juke is a reliable subcompact SUV. In fact, gives it an excellent rating of 4.0 out of 5.0. Despite this rating, the Juke is last in RepairPal's lineup of seven subcompact SUVs. This vehicle's average annual repair cost contributes greatly to its rank. via

What does a suspension problem sound like?

A knocking sound when going over bumps can indicate a problem with the suspension struts. There might be a clanking sound of metal hitting metal when you go over bumps. This could show the rubber bushes that join parts of the suspension have failed. via

What causes noisy suspension? (video)

Can I drive my car if the suspension has gone?

The short answer is no - you should not drive a car with broken suspension. Regardless of whether it's a broken coil spring or a broken shock absorber, you cannot drive a vehicle which has any element of the suspension that is broken. via

What happens when the suspension goes out?

A damaged or collapsed spring can cause sagging and noise and affect alignment angles. While you can still drive, the ride will be rough and the car will be difficult to control in an emergency. Plus, bumps could damage other parts of the car. via

Do Nissan Jukes have transmission problems?

Although they're known to last with proper maintenance, it also isn't unheard of for the Juke to chew through two or three different CVTs within 100,000 miles or for the transmission to fail within the first 30,000 miles. via

Are Nissan Jukes fast?

Nissan Juke: in detail. > Performance and 0-60mph time - Nismo RS is predictably quickest, reaching 62mph in seven seconds. 1.5 diesel and 1.2 turbo are a nice performance and economy compromise. Read more about the Nissan Juke's performance. via

How do I know if my suspension spring is broken?

The biggest sign that your coil springs are damaged is if your vehicle droops or sags on one side or corner. The drooping or sagging could be caused by one side of the vehicle being repeatedly overloaded. Your car may also sway more around turns or bounce higher than normal. via

How important is suspension on a car?

Your car's suspension system is responsible for smoothing out the ride and keeping the car in control. Specifically, the suspension system maximizes the friction between the tires and the road to provide steering stability and good handling. via

Can you drive a car with a broken suspension spring?

However, regardless of what is broken with the car's suspension, you should not drive the vehicle. This is because, if your vehicle is experiencing a damaged or collapsed spring, this can cause sagging - which could cause more damage to your vehicle over time. via

When should a car's suspension be serviced?

Every 15,000 to 30,000 miles depending on the vehicle's use, or when replacing tires, have the wheels aligned. Every 15,000 miles or at every alignment, check all suspension components for wear. via

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