What does no Jake Brake mean?

You may have seen “No Jake Brake” signs in your neighborhood and wondered why they are where they are and what exactly they mean. In a nutshell, these are signs prohibiting truckers from using a braking method that is very loud. via

Are Jake Brakes illegal Oregon?

Oregon prohibits a person from operating a motor vehicle on a highway with “unmuffled engine brakes,” which is defined as an engine brake that is not equipped with a muffler in good working order. A person found in violation commits a Class A traffic violation, which imposes a fine up to $720 (Or. Rev. via

Do UK trucks have Jake Brakes?

The Jacobs Jake Brake is fitted as standard to a number of Euro-VI engines, such as the 12.8-litre OM471 in the Mercedes Actros range and the PACCAR 10.8-litre MX-11 and 12.9-litre MX-13 units used by DAF. Now Jacobs has previewed its next-generation Jake Brake in the UK for the first time. via

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