Does it matter the brand of oil filter?

Filter manufacturers usually make several grades of filters—good, better, best. If you use a mineral oil and change it and your filter on schedule, you don't need to spend more for a better filter. But if you use a synthetic oil or intend to go longer between oil changes, buy a top-of-the-line name-brand filter. via

Whats the best oil filter you can buy?

The Best Oil Filters (2022 Reviews)

  • PurolatorONE. See Price.
  • Bosch Premium. See Price.
  • Mobil 1 Extended Performance. See Price.
  • WIX Spin-On Lube Filter. See Price.
  • K&N Performance Wrench-Off Oil Filter. See Price.
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    Does expensive oil filters make a difference?

    Typically, synthetic oil filters do a better job of trapping small contaminates for a longer period of time (and more miles on your vehicle), meaning less frequent changes. Combined with synthetic oil, it means fewer trips to the shop. via

    Are all oil filters the same quality?

    Today there are just a few high performance automotive oil filters on the market. Remember, just because you see words on package that describe the filter as deluxe, high-performance, super-efficiency, or darn-good, it doesn't mean you are actually getting a premium product. via

    Are Baldwin good filters?

    Baldwin are consistently rated as some of the highest quality filters. via

    Are aftermarket oil filters any good?

    The Verdict. OEM oil filters are a much better investment than aftermarket oil filters. OEM oil filters and o-rings are built with higher quality materials and will last much longer. This shouldn't be as surprise, because VW warranties their engines for 72,000 miles. via

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