How do I identify my Warn Winch Model?

WARN winches have their serial number either laser etched or stamped. In most cases, the serial number is located on the gear housing side of the winch. It is important to know that many of the warn electric motors that drive the winch gear train also have serial numbers. via

How old is my Warn 8274?

Identifying early M8274s

Since the M8274 has been around for nearly 40 years, there are quite a few of them out there, many still performing regular recovery duty. via

How long will a Warn winch last?

How long a synthetic winch rope will last is dependent on the owner and the way they use their winch. Assuming your rope is in good working condition, 10 years is usually the suggested replacement period. via

What is the strongest Warn winch?

With a massive 16,500 lbs. of pulling capacity, the 16.5ti-s is not only the most powerful truck winch we make, it's also now available with 80' of 3/8" lightweight, easy-to-handle Spydura® Pro synthetic rope. via

What does a Warn 8274 weigh?

Technical Details

Manufacturer ‎WARN
Brand ‎WARN
Model ‎106175
Item Weight 53 pounds
Product Dimensions ‎24 x 12 x 12 inches


Can Warn winches get wet?

Has your winch been under water? Our VR EVO, ZEON, and ZEON Platinum truck winches and VRX and AXON powersports winches are all IP68 waterproof and can be submerged without worry of water intrusion. via

Can I replace my winch cable with rope?

Yes, you can put synthetic rope on a winch designed for steel cable. However, the brake drum in the winch might not be able to cool as well because steel cable acts like a heat sink, while synthetic rope may act more like an insulator trapping heat. Heat can damage synthetic rope—not to mention the winch. via

How do you lubricate a Warn winch? (video)

What is the fastest Warn winch?

The new M8274 is still the fastest of any WARN winch and has the longest rope length (150'). But to this we've added more power courtesy of a 6 HP motor. We've upped the capacity from 8,000 to 10,000 lbs. via

How do you test a Warn winch motor?

Connect the free end of your black cable to one of the terminals on your winch. Use the red cable to tap the other terminal of the winch, which should create an electrical response from the winch. If your motor is working, the winch drum should start to move. via

Is a winch a rope?

Each strand is composed of many fibers and 12 strands are woven together to form the rope. All Master Pull winch lines are made with Dyneema Sk75 fiber ropes for superior strength and quality.
Synthetic Fiber Rope Comparison.

Winch Line Type Diameter Minimum Breaking Strength
Steel Wire Rope winch line 3/8" 14,400 lbs


Does WARN winches have a lifetime warranty?

(WARN) warrants to the original purchaser that (a) the mechanical components of the "WARN" ATV Winch will be free of defects in material and workmanship for the lifetime of the winch, and (b) the electrical components will be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the original via

How do you keep a winch cable from rusting?

Spray lube with teflon such as one made for motorcycle chains. Just spray it on the cable while its on the roller. This is what i have done to keep mine from rusting/corroding. via

How do you waterproof a winch? (video)

How do you install synthetic rope on Warn winch? (video)

Should you oil a winch cable?

While the cable may look healthy on the outside, the inner core may be significantly weakened due to rust and corrosion. This is why it's important to use a dedicated winch cable lubricant that deeply protects the cable from the inside out. via

What kind of grease do you put in a Warn winch?

Re: Grease for Warn winch

AEROSHELL Grease 17 is a fully synthetic grease containing 5% molybdenum disulphide. It is particularly suitable for lubricating heavity loaded sliding surfaces such as bogie pins on aircraft landing gear assemblies over the temperature range of -73 °C to +149 °C." via

How much is a winch worth?

Q. How much do winches cost? Winches can cost anywhere from $200 upwards of $1000. As with almost all products, you get what you pay for. via

How can I make a winch faster?

You can use a double line or triple line to increase the pulling power of the winch. In turn, you make the winch work faster. You can also make a winch run faster by building it with the right motor, clutch, and using an effective winch rope. A faster winch makes the recovery process so much easier. via

Who makes the fastest winch?

Warn 8274-50

The 8274 has been around in one form or another for about a half century and still boasts the fastest winch line speed with a no-load rate of about 73 feet per minute. The 8,000-pound design uses a spur-gear drivetrain with an automatic disc brake system. via

How do you fix a winch motor? (video)

What is the strongest rope in the world?

The short answer is that Dyneema ® is the world's strongest man-made fibre™. Dyneema ® is also called ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE), used for manufacturing several types of ropes, slings and tethers. via

What does winch mean in slang?

It's most often used as a joke or an insult, but technically it can mean a country girl, a servant, a loose woman, or simply a young woman. Winch comes from the Old English word wince, which meant “pully.” I've used winches on sailboats to pull and tighten line—a winch is any type of crank. via

How do I know if my winch is good? (video)

How do you jump a winch motor? (video)

How do you hook up a winch without a solenoid?

  • View the circuit diagram of the solenoid.
  • Set the winch to free spool mode.
  • Disconnect the winch from the battery terminals.
  • Take a jumper wire and connect it.
  • Repeat Step 4 to turn the motor in a different direction.
  • via

    How do you maintain a steel winch cable? (video)

    How big of a winch do I need?

    To figure how much winch your vehicle needs, add at least 30 percent to the working GVW. Say, for example, your working GVW comes to 6,700 pounds. That means you should be looking for a winch that will provide at least 8,000 pounds of working load capacity. via

    Do you really need a winch?

    Although a winch is a valuable tool when traveling, it is in no way a necessity for extended vehicle-based travel. Traveling off-road is more challenging without a winch, but with the right gear and practice recovering vehicles without a winch can be a simple affair. via

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