How much longer do ceramic brake pads last?

You can expect a semi metallic pad to last for about 50,000 miles. Ceramic pad car brake systems are found on luxury cars and are meant for comfortable braking. Carbon ceramic brakes aren't meant for use in high-performance conditions but have a long lifespan of about 70,000 miles. via

Do ceramic brake pads contain asbestos?

When asbestos use was banned, brake manufacturers developed modern brake pads and friction material. These brake pads were advertised as having no asbestos in their manufacture. Today, brake pads no longer have asbestos in their formulation. via

Do I need to bleed the brakes when changing pads?

If you're replacing worn brake pads, which can cause air to enter the master cylinder. Braking with worn pads requires more brake fluid, which drains the reservoir and creates space for air. If you change your rotors or pads. Any brake job should include a brake bleed for safety's sake. via

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