What problem would a P0300 series code indicate?

When a P0300 trouble code is triggered, it indicates that misfiring occurs in random or multiple cylinders. This happens when there is a deficient amount of fuel being burned within a cylinder. Most cars have between four and six cylinders, with each cylinder firing a spark plug continuously and smoothly. via

Can you drive with code P0300?

You should not drive with a P0300 code because a misfire should be addressed immediately to avoid catalytic converter and internal engine component damage. via

How much does it cost to fix P0300?

How much will it cost to fix engine code P0300? Running a diagnostic for a P0300 will cost about an hour of labor and run you between $75 to $150 at the shop. If you need to replace the spark plug, the total cost for parts and labor may be anywhere from $250 to $900. via

How do you fix a misfiring spark plug? (video)


Can a bad O2 sensor cause P0300?

A bad O2 sensor can cause a P0300 code to appear. A failure of the oxygen sensor, which is one of the most important components of your car's computer for controlling fuel consumption, can cause an engine misfire that triggers the P0300 code because the sensor's air/fuel ratio is too high. via

Can a camshaft sensor cause P0300 code?

Diagnostic Trouble Code P0300 can set if you have faulty spark plugs, low compression, damage or excessive wear of spark plug wires and/or coils, faulty fuel injectors, clogged EGR valves or tubes, burned valves, improper ignition timing, vacuum leaks, leaking head gasket, faulty camshaft sensor, faulty crankshaft via

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