How do you use a powerbuilt strut spring compressor? (video)

How do you compress a coil spring without a compressor? (video)

How do you compress a strut coil? (video)

How do you use an internal coil spring compressor? (video)

Are strut spring compressors safe?

If the strut spring compressor is made with poor material, it will bend or even break, resulting in a damaged vehicle. So, it will be safe if you purchase a strut spring compressor made with high-quality materials. via

Can you replace struts without replacing springs?

Do coil springs need to be changed when replacing the struts? The answer is no: if the spring is in a good shape, it can be re-used with the new strut. via

How do I compress a heavy duty spring? (video)

How do you use a spring clamp? (video)

How do you change a coil spring? (video)

Can you reuse springs on struts?

Inspect the spring for irregularities or cracks and if ride height is up to spec then the original spring is probably safe to reuse on a new strut. via

Is it OK to cut coil springs?

The only coil springs that can be safely cut are coil springs with tangential ends. Because Square ends and Pigtail ends are designed to make full contact with their mounting points, they would have to be re-shaped after they were cut. via

Does keeping a spring compressed weaken it?

A spring under tension for an extended period of time can become weaker. Any object will either resist or deform when subjected to outside stress. Springs are specifically designed to deform in order to absorb energy from outside stress, then return to their natural state when they release that energy. via

How do you unlock a gas spring for a bed?

To unlock, the support tube is swivelled back into the central position. The lock of a gas spring with the lock on the inside is comparable with the mechanics of a ball point pen. A light push on the piston rod in the extended position locks it; a quick movement in the extension direction releases the lock. via

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