What does a precision 534g u-joint fit?

Fitment U-Joint moog-534g fits these vehicles: Buick Centurion 1971 thru 1973. Buick Century 1973 thru 1981. Buick Commercial Chassis 1991 thru 1996. via

Which is better CV joints or universal joints?

While a CV joint and U-joint are roughly the same at 0 degrees, the CV joint is able to maintain velocity through a larger range of angles. It's also able to handle a greater torque load. This makes the CV joint stronger and less susceptible to issues like vibration and friction. This means that CV joints break less. via

How many types of universal joints are there?

There are two types of universal joints, defined by their number of bending joints: Single joint: has only one bending aspect and is capable of operating at up to a 45-degree angle. Double joint: utilizes two bending joints, the double u-joint can operate at angles up to 90 degrees. via

Who makes precision universal joints?

Precision, a brand that is owned and controlled by Federal-Mogul, is a world-renowned supplier of U-joints and differential bearings. via

Are Spicer U-joints good quality?

Light Vehicle U-joints Outperform the Competition

Spicer 1810 Series u-joints—not just better. 5x better than the competition in fatigue testing. Spicer Life Series® u-joints outperformed the competition in fatigue testing by more than 2.1! via

What series is a 534g U joint?

Product Attributes

Length Axis 1 2.557 IN
LUBE FITTING LOCATION Regular Lube Fitting in Cross
Lubricateable YES
OE Series Mechanics 3, Saginaw 44 and American Axle 1344
U-Joint Identification 4 Grooved Round Bearings


What is the difference between a CV joint and a U-joint?

A constant velocity (CV) joint does essentially the same thing as a U-joint, only better. There are two basic types: "ball-and groove" CV joints (called "Rzeppa" joints after the person who invented them) and "tripod" CV joints. via

How do I know if I need new CV joints?

3 Signs The CV Axles On Your Vehicle Need To Be Replaced

  • Vehicle Will Not Move. Since the CV axles deliver engine power to the front wheels, If one of your CV axles has utterly and completely failed, the vehicle might not move at all.
  • Grease On Inside Edge Of Front Tires.
  • Rhythmic Clicking Noise When Turning.
  • via

    What type of universal joint is most often used?

    1.0 GENERAL. A universal joint is a positive, mechanical connection between rotating shafts, which are usually not parallel, but intersecting. They are used to transmIt motion, power, or both. The simplest and most common type is called the Cardan joint or Hooke joint. via

    What is the maximum angle for a universal joint?

    Universal joint operating angles on each end of a driveshaft should always be equal within one degree of each other (one half degree for motor homes and shafts in front of transfer cases or auxiliary devices) For vibration-free performance, universal joint operating angles should not be larger than three degrees. via

    Why do we use two universal joints?

    Universal joints allow drive shafts to move up and down with the suspension while the shaft is moving so power can be transmitted when the drive shaft isn't in a straight line between the transmission and drive wheels. Rear-wheel-drive vehicles have universal joints (or U-joints) at both ends of the drive shaft. via

    What size is a 1310 U joint?

    Most common driveshaft u-joints applications will use outside locks, where lugs (image 1) or snap rings (image 2) are used to secure and align the u-joint caps in the yoke.
    Understanding U-Joints.

    Series 1310
    Cross Width 3.219 (3 7/32”)
    Cap Diameter 1.062 (1 1/16”)
    Spicer P/N 5-1310X


    Which is better Moog or Spicer?

    Frankly, there's a very simple answer: If you drive a Jeep, I recommend you to go for Spicer joints. This specific U joint is the absolute best replacement part you can get for virtually all Jeep models. For most other vehicles – and especially light trucks or commuter cars, MOOG are an affordable and optimal solution. via

    Are Spicer U-joints made in the USA?

    The description clearly states it is made in the USA. Upon arrival today I received a CHINA u joint. I called spicer to confirm where the u joint was made and they stated China! via

    Where is Spicer made?

    Spicer incorporated the Spicer Universal Joint Manufacturing Company in May 1905, shortening the name to Spicer Manufacturing Company in 1909. In 1910, the company relocated to a site adjacent to the Lehigh Valley Railroad and Bound Brook in South Plainfield, New Jersey. via

    Do all-wheel drive cars have U-joints?

    Drive shafts and universal joints are present on most rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive vehicles. via

    What is a CV driveshaft?

    Answer: Constant velocity, or CV, joints are used to connect your vehicle's transmission to your wheels. CV joints are part of the driveshaft and are used primarily on front-wheel drive vehicles, but they are also used in rear- and four-wheel drive vehicles. via

    How does a Birfield joint work?

    Well a Birfield joint is a true 100% constant velocity joint. Unlike a Universal joint, which vibrates and spins with unequal power transfers, a Birfield joint produces an ultra smooth and constant transfer rate of torque. This makes for a smooth operation with less stress on the axles. via

    Do you have to replace both CV joints at the same time?

    On a high-mileage vehicle with a bad CV joint or boot, it's often a good idea to replace both shafts at the same time. Often, the right (passenger side) shaft fails first because right turns are at a sharper angle than left turns, and right turns are more common than left turns. via

    What is a mechanical style U-joint? (video)


    How does a cardan shaft work?

    A Cardan shaft is guided to the high-pressure pump on the gearbox output side. This shaft then drives the high-pressure pump at the required speed. Actually cardan shafts should not balance any angular offsets. If they do so, the offset has to take place in a narrowly limited angle range. via

    What is the name of the universal joint?

    A universal joint may also known as a universal coupling, a U-joint, a Cardan joint, a Spicer joint, a Hardy-Spicer joint or a Hooke's joint. A universal joint is a connection between two objects, typically shafts, that allows relative rotation in two axes. via

    What is the minimum U-joint operating angle that manufacturers recommend?


    How do you calculate driveline angle?

    Place a spirit level protractor on the driveshaft about halfway between the transmission and the Differential. Read and record the angle shown on the protractor scale and note whether the driveshaft points up or down at the front. Record the angle as “3 degrees up” or “2 degrees down,”etc. via

    What is a double universal joint?

    Double Universal Joints, Friction Bearing

    Double friction bearing universal joints are designed for applications with a wide distance between shafts or applications in need of extreme angular misalignment accommodation up to 90°. They are comprised of two yokes, two blocks, and a center spacer joined by pins. via

    Why is it called universal coupling?

    A universal joint (also called a universal coupling or U-joint) is a joint or coupling connecting rigid shafts whose axes are inclined to each other. It is commonly used in shafts that transmit rotary motion. via

    How do I know what size u-joint I have?

    You measure from the outer side of the lock ring groove side to side. This gives you the width of the joint lock. You still need to measure the overall width of the joint to make sure it is compatible with the bolt-on yoke. via

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