What's the difference between Ram Big Horn and Lone Star?

The Lone Star is effectively just the Big Horn trim level with a different name and unique "Lone Star" badge. Officially, the feature list has it as a package exclusively available on the Big Horn. Be it Lone Star or Big Horn, the trim level exists above the Tradesman and fuel economy-focused HFE. via

How much does a 2021 Ram 3500 dually cost?

2021 Ram 3500 Mega Cab Pricing

A 3500 Regular Cab begins at $37,420. The Power Wagon (2500, Crew Cab) is $55,230. The standard-output turbodiesel is an extra $9,400; the high-output version for the 3500 dually is $12,195. via

Will Ram have a 10 speed transmission?

The 2022 Ram 2500 could gain the new Allison Transmission

According to Pickup Truck News, the Ram 2500 could get a brand-new 10-speed Allison Automatic Transmission. Including a new Allison Transmission would provide the most notable upgrade for the model year. via

What are the Ram 2500 trim levels?

The trim level options include the Tradesman, Big Horn, Power Wagon, Laramie, Laramie Longhorn Edition, and Limited. Learn more about the six trim levels below. via

How much can a single wheel 3500 tow?

If you need a truck that can handle even the toughest tasks in Chatham, you might be wondering, “How much can a RAM 3500 tow?” The 2020 RAM 3500 towing capacity reaches a maximum of 19,680 pounds when properly equipped — which is even more than the previous model year! via

How much can a 3500 pull?

With its incredible towing capabilities, the Ram 3500 can easily do all of these things. When properly equipped, the Ram 3500 can tow up to 35,100 pounds. via

Which is better Ford f350 or Ram 3500?

The Ford F-350 offers a little more seating capacity than the RAM 3500, making it a better choice for those who often have a crew with them. The Ford F-350 has a slightly greater cargo capacity for your lumber or other material than the RAM 3500. via

Is the 2022 powerstroke reliable?

We expect the 2022 F-350 to be less reliable than the average new car. This prediction is based on data from 2019 and 2020 models. via

What is the most reliable 1-ton diesel truck?

Top 1-Ton Pickup Truck Models

  • Ram 3500. Car and Driver rates the RAM 3500 as having the best interior in its Class, smooth ride quality, and the hauling capabilities of a big rig.
  • Ford F-350 Super Duty.
  • Chevrolet Silverado 3500 HD.
  • GMC Sierra 3500 HD.
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