Who invented the tunnel ram?

Pontiac would be the first to make a true 'tunnel ram' intake. It appeared on the 1963 13:1 compression 410-HP 421 SD engines, ready to do battle in the 'Stocker Wars'. The setup pictured below has the center one-barrel side draft idling carb intact, very rare to see this. via

What is a sky RAM? (video)


How can you tell the difference between a Holley 4150 and 4160?

These two are very similar with the primary difference that the 4150 uses a thick metering block in both the primary and secondary while the 4160 is shorter in length and uses a thin, metering plate on the secondary side. via

Are Holley carbs reliable?

See all 39 photos 2 Holley's humble 1850 four-barrel carburetor is undoubtedly the most reliable performance carburetor on the market today. It is affordable and a terrific cruising atomizer. Because the 1850 is based on the 4160, it has a metering plate for the secondaries instead of a metering block. via

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