Does the Lexus SC300 have a 2JZ?

To be fair, the Lexus SC300's 2JZ-GE six-cylinder isn't exactly the same as the Mk4 Toyota Supra's 2JZ. It lacks the twin turbochargers and piston-cooling oil squirters and has a different intake manifold, DriftWorks forum users report. via

What engine did the SC300 come with?

What Lexus Sc300 Has A 2jz?

First generation (Z30)
Related Toyota Supra (A80)
Engine 3.0 L 2JZ-GE I6 (SC 300) 4.0 L 1UZ-FE V8 (SC 400)
Transmission 4-speed A340E (1992-00 SC 300, 1992-97 SC 400) / A341E (1992-99 SC 400 GT-L) automatic 5-speed A650E automatic (1998-00 SC 400) 5-speed W58 manual (1992–97 SC 300)


Which Lexus SC300 has the 2JZ?

Technical specifications

Drivetrain specifications by generation
Model year(s) Model no. Engine code
1992–1997 SC 300 2JZ-GE
1998–2001 SC 300 2JZ-GE
2002–2005 SC 430 3UZ-FE


Are SC300 rare?

What is certain, however, is that the SC300 is one of the hidden gems of the JDM tuner market. This is especially true in the case of the 5-speed manual configuration of the SC300, of which only 4000 were made. This makes it rare, especially in this day and age, and difficult to find in decent condition. via

Are Lexus SC300 reliable?

1992-2000 LEXUS SC300/400

Extremely well balanced car with a reliable track record. Well known as a JDM drift car. Some manual versions came with a limited slip differential. Very good fuel economy on the Inline 6 models and the 2JZGE engines are extremely well designed and performance oriented. via

Did SC300 come manual?

It has a manual transmission. via

Is a 2JZ GE reliable? (video)

Is IS300 fast?

MT reports the manual Lexus IS300 can do 0-60 in about 6.6 seconds. The 330i, meanwhile, with its 225-hp 3.0-liter six-cylinder, could do it in 6.1 seconds. The ZHP, with an extra 10 hp and a 6-speed manual, was even faster. But the IS300 was lighter than even the 185-hp 320i by 115 pounds. via

Is the 2JZ-GE Turbo?

This factory-turbocharged equivalent of the naturally-aspirated 2JZ-GE engine has earned legendary status and has become quite possibly the most desirable engine within the drifting and drag racing scenes worldwide. One of the main differences between the two engines lies within compression. via

Is the sc400 reliable?

They don't make them better. What a vehicle, it drives and looks like a sports car, fits like a glove, gas mileage not bad for a powerfull V8.. about 22-23, extremely reliable, will go for 300,000 miles easily with just regular maintenace, perfect used car for a teen. Rating breakdown (out of 5): Comfort 5.0. via

How much does an sc300 weigh?

220 lb-ft.
Base 2dr Coupe. 2000 Lexus SC 300 Specs.

Ground clearance 5.1 "
Curb 3,560 lbs.
Gross weight 4,497 lbs.


How much is a 1992 Lexus sc400 worth?

1992 Lexus SC 400 Value - $3,539-$11,228 | Edmunds. via

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