Do coil over shocks replace springs?

You might also think coil-overs are more expensive. But that's not really the case. If you think about it, coilovers upgrade both your springs AND shocks. Pairing a set of nice lowering springs with quality adjustable shocks may cost you about the same in the long run. via

How long does it take to change rear shocks on a truck?

In most cases, it shouldn't take more than a couple of hours to get back on the road again. If you're interested in replacing shocks and struts on your vehicle, you've come to the right place. In this article, we're discussing the difference between the two and how to replace them so you can save some money. via

How long does it take to put on shocks?

Replacing a single set of shocks, for example takes between 2-3 hours, as does either side's control arms. Lesser work such as replacing a spring or shock absorber will take less. via

Is coilovers better than struts?

Coilovers are struts where the spring coils around and over all the way up to the top. The only difference here is that coilovers generally offer more adjustability in the way of ride height, dampening, and also allow the user to switch out springs for a more-custom spring rate. via

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