How do you convert a column shift to a floor shifter?

Attach the floor shifter linkage below the car to the linkage shaft on the transmission. Slide the linkage pins through the shaft holes with needle nose pliers. Spray white grease onto the linkage to prevent dirt from penetrating the linkage parts. Use the new floor shifter as you would your column shifter. via

What is a floor shifter?

a gearshift set into the floor of an automotive vehicle. via

How do you drive 3-on-the-tree Chevy? (video)

Which Ford f150 has console shifter?

The column shifter is also standard equipment on XLT 301A and XLT 302A models, as well as the Lariat 501A, though the console shifter is optional.
2021 Ford F-150 Column Shifter Still Widely Available, Depending On Trim.

Trim Column Shifter Console Shifter
XLT 301A Standard Optional*
XLT 302A Standard Optional*
Lariat 500A Standard N/A
Lariat 501A Standard Optional**


What does 3 on the floor mean?

It refers to a three speed manual shift vehicle in which you shift “on the column” rather than on the floor. In older vehicles, some manual transmissions were shifted using a column mounted shifter. via

When was the last 3 speed on the column?

Americans could buy new cars with three-speed automatics until 2002 and with four-on-the-floor manuals until 1996. The three-speed column-shift manual transmission survived here through 1987 in new trucks and 1979 in new cars, but what about the floor-shifted three-speed manual? via

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