Which wheels are best for skateparks?

We recommend choosing hard wheels for skate parks and street skating on ledges, rails, gaps and manual pads. Soft wheels are best for cruising, transportation and longboarding. Medium durometer wheels are great for beginners and for street skating on rough surfaces. via

What wheels are good for rink skating?

Indoor skate wheels should have a hardness of 90A or above.

For instance, jam skating calls for a wheel in the 93A to 96A range, while speed or artistic skating call for a harder wheel, around 100A. The larger the wheel, the faster it goes. The standard for most indoor skaters is 62 mm (diameter). via

Do skateboard wheels work on roller skates?

Skateboard wheels would work well on roller skates. On the other hand, the large wheel size might occasionally increase the weight of roller skates, affecting your skating performance. So, if skateboard wheels' diameter range is between 55 and 65 mm, you can use it safely. via

What are outdoor roller skates called?

Also known as fitness skates, these recreational roller blades are designed for the skater who wants a good pair of skates to exercise in, usually outdoors. The shoes (boots) are high top which offers excellent foot and ankle support. via

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