How much weight can you put on a 4Runner roof rack?

Our 4Runner roof racks can carry up to 300 pounds while in motion and 760 pounds of static weight. via

Do you need a roof rack for a ski rack?

Regardless of your choice, you will always first need a base roof rack system (with very limited exceptions) in order to mount a ski rack or cargo box to your vehicle. via

Can you put a roof top tent on a 4Runner?

4Runner's by design comes with a high roof weight capacity. Hence, you should have no issues mounting a roof top tent on it (This includes only 3rd gen and up 4Runner's, It's risky to mount a roof top tent on 1st and 2nd gen 4runner). As for the roof rack, You can use any roof rack you prefer. via

How much weight can you haul in a 4Runner?

2021 Toyota 4Runner Power and Towing Specs

Toyota 4Runner entries equipped with the integrated towing receiver hitch with 4- and 7-pin connectors will tow an impressive 5,000 pounds of cargo with a 500-pound tongue weight. via

Can you put a snowboard on a ski rack?

If you aren't worried about exposing your skis to the elements or road grime, you're probably fine with a carrier. Ski/snowboard carriers attach to your roof rack's crossbars and can carry up to 8 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards. (So, you know, bring friends.) via

How far apart should ski racks be?

How far apart do the racks need to be spaced? We recommend 8”-12” from center of rack to the next. via

How do you camp in a 4Runner? (video)

What do I need to install ski rack? (video)

Is it OK to hang skis?

Also, make sure to store your skis in a way that doesn't compromise their shape, or put any strain on them. Leaning your skis against objects is okay, as is hanging them. But the best in-home option is to just lay your skis on their sides on the ground (much like we all wish we could do in front of an A/C right now). via

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