What truck can haul long logs in SnowRunner?

The Log Carrier Rear is a trailer available in SnowRunner that allows for the transportation of Long Logs in combination with the Log Carrier Front vehicle modification. It can only be attached to vehicles with a Log Carrier Front, and it can be loaded automatically or manually at a logging station. via

How do you haul the most SnowRunner logs? (video)


Which truck can carry medium logs SnowRunner?

The Log Trailer is a trailer available in Snowrunner. It is able to carry Medium Logs, which can be automatically loaded at a log station or manually loaded with three logs. via

What is the best off road truck in SnowRunner?

The ANK MK38

The truck is full of positives, however, and it's these which put it near the top of our list of trucks you need to be using in SnowRunner. Not just for its huge tyres. via

Can the Caterpillar 745c carry long logs in SnowRunner?

These are only found in Amur, that is the phase 4 DLC region. The Log Carrier attachment is only available for the Caterpillar CAT 745c truck and loads medium logs. The Fleetstar can have the "Log Carrier Front" for long logs and the "Logging Frame Add-on" for short logs (Amur only). via

Can you recover trailers in SnowRunner?

The short answer is, unfortunately, no. If you're in a vehicle in SnowRunner you can use the “recover” option to get the vehicle back to the garage. However, if you're hauling a trailer, you'll only get the vehicle back. via

How do you use crane Snowrunner log?

You can find them in the function menu (activate anchor). Otherwise, the truck will begin to roll or tilt under the weight of the load. Then select "crane mode" (C or x on pad by default). Then you take direct control of the crane arm and all the buttons you need will be displayed on the screen. via

How do you transport a short log on a Snowrunner?

To move logs you'll need a log crane, not the crane you usually use for other items. If your trailer falls over and the logs fall out, there should be 3 of them. You'll need to move all 3 back onto the trailer and align them somewhat properly for the game to accept it. via

Where is the Pacific p16 in Snowrunner? (video)


How do you pick up medium Snowrunner logs?

  • Go to logging camp.
  • For long logs i had to use a second truck for the crane, but for medium logs you can get it done with only a single truck (Screenshot in the end).
  • Load the first delivery-unit on your trailer and use “unpack cargo” – you now should have the first three single logs proper loaded.
  • via

    Where are the logs Snowrunner achievement?

    This trophy requires you to visit every area that has logs in it. Both sawmills and log stations are needed, make sure you drive inside the area in a loop to confirm that the game has registered it. A zone will pop up that will let you collect wood if it has triggered. via

    Where can I buy long logs in Michigan Snowrunner?

    Long Logs are available at the Drummond Island log station. Medium Logs available in Smithville Dam or Island Lake. via

    What is the heaviest truck in SnowRunner?

    The first is the CAT 770G and is the largest truck to be featured in either SnowRunner or its predecessor, MudRunner. via

    Is the tayga 6436 Good?

    The Tayga 6436 has earned a reputation among Snowrunner players as one of the best off-road trucks, a reputation that is rightfully earned thanks to its reliability and performance off-road. The 6436 is capable of good speed on and off-road thanks to its powerful engine and always on differential lock. via

    What is the fastest truck in SnowRunner?

    The Ford F 750 is probably the fastest vehicle in SnowRunner, but that doesn't mean it's poor over rough terrain. via

    Can the Cat 745 carry medium logs?

    It is not for medium logs. It is only for short logs. Medium logs are only loaded onto a trailer and onto the Cat 745C. You'll need a dedicated trailer for medium logs. via

    Is the Cat 745C good?

    The 745C is an extremely good off-road vehicle. Thanks to its massive 71" off-road tires, differential lock, and AWD it can tackle almost any terrain with very little issues. Its massive fuel tank also allows it to travel long distances without needing a refuel. via

    How much does a CAT 745C weight?


    Center Axle - empty 15300 lbs (6,940 kg)
    Rear Axle - empty 14749 lbs (6,690 kg)
    Rear Axle - loaded 53440 lbs (24,240 kg)
    Total Empty 73634 lbs (33,400 kg)
    Total Loaded 90389 lbs (41,000 kg)


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    How do you flip a SnowRunner flipped trailer?

    You want to connect the winch to the highest point on the trailer you can, near the center, then slowly pull and try to topple the trailer over and back onto its wheels. It might be a little awkward, but eventually, you will be able to get your trailer back on its feet, so to speak. via

    Can you pick up logs with a crane in SnowRunner?

    The LP-4 Log-loader Crane is a Frame Addon in Snowrunner. This large crane allows the player to manually load logs onto trailers and is extremely useful for putting logs back on to a capsized logging truck. via

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    How do you use the heavy crane in SnowRunner? (video)


    How do you get a Caterpillar 745c Snowrunner?

    First of all, you need to get to the second map of Alaska region, which is called Mountain River. Fortunately, you don't have to fulfill a variety of contracts to get there. The road to the map is literally open from the beginning, and all you have to do is to get to the map when you arrive at the first map of Alaska. via

    How do you get multiple cars out of a garage Snowrunner?

  • Make sure you have at least one truck out and drive or recover to the garage.
  • Retain the trucks that you want to have out.
  • Exit the garage in a truck.
  • Go to the map.
  • From the map go to the Global map.
  • Select “Move to Garage” on a different map to the one you want all of your trucks out.
  • via

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    Is the P16 any good SnowRunner?

    The Pacific P16 is a licensed truck from the game - SnowRunner. Designed for the logging industry, the Pacific P16 is a super heavy off-road truck. It is slow, clunky and massive. It may not break any speed records, but it has the ability to traverse terrain unfit for most other trucks. via

    Is the Pacific P12 good?

    Overall the P12 excels as a recovery vehicle thanks to its AWD and always on differential lock but can perform just as well as a heavy haul truck. via

    Is the Pacific P16 a real truck?

    The P16 is still an iconic truck today. Heavy truck historians still marvel at its power and reliability. Most P-16 had 15-foot bunks and could haul 90 to 150 tons of wood. Over 48 years in operation Pacific built 2308 trucks. via

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    Can you get medium logs in Drummond Island?

    Medium Logs are not available at the Drummond Island Log Station, you must go to either Smithville Dam or Island Lake for them. via

    Where is the garage on Drummond Island Snowrunner?

    Go to the Global Map screen, select one of the three large regions – in this case, Michigan – then select each individual area. Looking at Drummond Island, in the lower-left corner of the screen you'll notice a garage symbol that's crossed out. via

    Where is the garage on Island Lake?

    Unfortunately, there is currently no garage on the Island Lake map of the Michigan region, nor is there a dedicated fuel station. If you need fuel on Island Lake, you'll have to find a few fuel trailers scattered around the map. via

    What should I do for my first SnowRunner?

  • Keep An Eye On Your Fuel. It's easy to get lost in the moment when playing SnowRunner.
  • Take The Long Route.
  • Low Gear Is Your Best Friend.
  • Stay In Michigan At First.
  • Watch Out For Watchtowers.
  • Always Use The Winch.
  • Repair The Fleetstar F2070A.
  • via

    Where is the Cat 770g in SnowRunner? (video)


    What is the heaviest pickup truck?

    Perhaps the heaviest out of all pickup trucks is the Ford F-750 pickup truck, weighing around 26,000 to 33,000 lbs in size. via

    How do I get tayga 6455b? (video)


    How do I unlock my voron grad?

    The Voron Grad is a truck from the game - SnowRunner. It is unlocked at rank 18. Voron Grad is an elegant off-road truck featuring a lighter frame, reinforced suspension, and a fuel-efficient powertrain. via

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