How much power can a Stage 2 clutch hold?

However, a stage 2 clutch does so to a far greater extent than a stage 1 clutch. The Spec stage 2 clutch, for example, can handle 411 foot-pounds of torque in a GTI, when the manufacturer's clutch had previously only been able to handle 300 foot-pounds of torque. via

How does a 2 stage clutch work?

Any tractor that has a power takeoff assembly generally has a two-stage clutch. A two-stage clutch allows you to engage the clutch to change gears without disengaging the PTO drive. The mower or other machinery operated by your PTO will disengage only when the clutch is pressed completely down. via

What does a Stage 1 clutch mean?

Stage 1 - Offers approximately 25% increase in strength and durability over your original equipment clutch while maintaining the same smooth driving characteristics. It comes with a h igh clamp pressure plate, steel-backed woven organic disk, bearings, and tool. via

How do I choose a clutch kit?

Choosing the correct clutch for your application requires knowing the estimated torque your engine will produce. Once you have an estimate of the torque your engine is producing, we recommend choosing a clutch that will handle at least 10 percent over the torque output of the engine. via

What is a dual clutch on a tractor?

A dual clutch transmission, commonly abbreviated to DCT (sometimes informally referred to as a twin-clutch gearbox, double clutch transmission, or similar variations thereof), is a differing type of semi-automatic or automated manual automotive transmission. It utilises two separate clutches for odd and even gear sets. via

Is EFT a good clutch?

5.0 out of 5 stars So far an excellent choice. I've almost put 200 miles on it and so far so good. So it seems to be much smoother and quieter than stock clutch kit. via

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