Is 3157 and 7443 the same?

7443 is a totally different base(the part that plugs into the socket) than a 3157. via

What can cause my tail lights not to work?

The most likely cause for malfunctioning tail lights is a blown fuse, followed by a problem with the wiring or the control switch. Other causes include bad light bulbs, faulty bulb socket, or a bad light sensor. The taillights have separate controls, wiring, and sockets for each of the functionalities. via

Why did both my tail lights go out at the same time?

A blown fuse or faulty light switch

Just like a blown light bulb, a fuse that's blown needs to be replaced. Fuses for everything electrical, including your tail lights, are all located in the fuse box. Usually, it looks like a black box with a plastic cover and clips on its side holding it closed. via

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