Can you put a kayak on an Impreza?

They will work with the Impreza aero bars. We have a 15' and 13.5' Kayak so I'm glad to hear you had no problem on an older Impreza. via

How do you mount a kayak on a Subaru? (video)

How do I install Thule Dockglide? (video)

How many kayaks can a Subaru Outback hold?

The J-style or saddle mode can transport up to two kayaks. It is compatible with all types of load bars, making it one of the most universal carriers on the market. via

How do you attach a kayak to a car without a roof rack? (video)

Can I put a kayak rack on my car?

You'll be able to install the racks on any vehicle of your choosing and your vehicle won't need side rails or gutters to help secure the rack in place. Once you set the racks in place on your roof, the straps pass through the doors of your vehicle and tighten down using a heavy-duty cam strap. via

How do you put two kayaks on a Subaru Outback?

In order to mount two kayaks on a 2020 Subaru Outback you will need to haul them both on their side as this is the only way to be able to fit both on the factory roof rack. The best way to haul two kayaks on their side is with a j-style carrier as these are the most secure and easiest to load. via

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