Is a Subaru Impreza a good car to mod?

If there is one thing that is well-known, it is the fact that the Impreza is one of the best Japanese cars to modify. via

Can you turbo an Impreza?

There is NO WAY you could turbocharge the Impreza for $4,000. Even if you did or could, the WRX has SO many other factory upgrades -- wider bodywork, bigger brakes, bigger wheels and tires, performance suspension, the list goes on. via

Can I tune my Subaru?

Most owners know by now that tuning a Subaru is one of the best bang for your buck modifications you can make. But, lesser known is how exactly to tune a Subaru. There are many ways accomplish tuning your Subaru. These can be incredibly complicated and involve knowing how to tune a car. via

What Is a Stage 2 Subaru?

The GrimmSpeed Stage 2 Power Package is a well-rounded kit, offering increased power and torque output thanks to reduced restriction before and after the turbo, as well as a more aggressive street presence thanks to the intake and exhaust tones. via

What is E tune?

E-Tuning is the art of tuning an automobile remotely, when the tuner is no where near the vehicle. This is commonly done through the Cobb Accessport, although there are other mediums in which you can accomplish this. via

What is a Stage 1 Subaru?

The COBB Stage 1+Big SF Power Package is a simple bolt-on and tuning solution that will allow you to easily improve the power output of your 2015+ WRX! The heart of this package is the Accessport V3. It also provides increased airflow from the Big SF Intake & Airbox combo. via

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