What bolt pattern is a 2011 STI?

When selecting your correct bolt pattern, please note the difference in bolt patterns between the WRX and the STI. During this generation the Subaru WRX uses a 5x100 bolt pattern, whereas the Subaru STI uses a 5x114. 3 bolt pattern. via

When did WRX get 5x114 3?

Subaru Impreza WRX STI Bolt Pattern - Generations:

Generation Production Years Bolt pattern
GC/GF [1992 .. 2000] 1992-2000 5x100
GD/GG [2000 .. 2007] 2000-2007 5x100
GR [2008 .. 2014] 2008-2014 5x114.3


Can you put a reed diffuser in the car?

Typically, when you purchase a reed diffuser set, it comes complete with a diffuser bottle, diffuser reeds, and essential oil. The reeds have a 2.75mm diameter. You can place the reed diffuser anywhere in the car, but make sure it is stable so it doesn't tip over when you drive around. via

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