Who makes Summit cylinder heads?

Summit used to sell Canfield heads under the summit brand name, but they are now manufactured by Dart. A friend of mine bought their SBC heads about 5 years ago. via

Can I put 305 heads on a 350?

The combination worked out ok. It ran well and made good power. The 305 heads I used had a smaller combustion chamber than the 350 heads that were on the motor originally so it bumped the compression a little. The downside was the heads also had smaller valves so that was a bit of a disadvantage. via

What is the difference between 305 and 350 heads? (video)


How do I know if my Chevy has a double hump head?

These heads got their nickname because of the raised identification shape on the each end. It's two half-ovals connected by a straight bar-most easily described as "two humps." Some of these are also nicknamed "Fuelie" heads because a version appeared on fuel-injected 327-powered Chevy Corvettes. via

How do I identify Chevy Vortec heads? (video)


How much horsepower does a 350 with Vortec heads?

Cam And ValvetrainAs good as the Vortec heads are for a production-based head, they still poop out at around 350 hp. via

Will LS heads fit a Vortec?

No they won't work, use a 5.3 block for cheap power. via

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