Do you need to replace bump stops?

Bump stops are essential to protecting your suspension and improving the stability of your ride. Because rigid bump stops wear out with repeated use, you should plan to replace them if you notice signs of damage and or hard and or noisy bottom outs. via

How much does it cost to replace a bump stop?

The price of aftermarket bump stop replacements can range from $7 to $780 for the part itself. Expect to pay more for professional installation. via

Where are bump stops located?

In the case of trucks and SUVs, most bump stops are mounted to the frame just above the lower control arm of an independent front suspension or somewhere between the frame and the axle tube on the rear. Bump stops can also be found inside the shock absorber or on the shock shaft. via

How do you install shock bump stops? (video)

What are bump stops made of?

Bumpstops were originally made of rubber. In fact, a few companies still use it, but over 95 percent of vehicles now use a microcellular polyurethane elastomer MPU material. Compared with rubber, MPU parts exhibit excellent durability, have high volume compressibility and don't set easily. via

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