Are TEIN Street basis Rebuildable?

Tein Street Basis Z

The Street Basis Z have a sealed structure, and thus are not rebuildable. via

Are TEIN coilovers reliable?

It is very durable and reliable and has thorough rustproofing from the famous green TEIN powder paint. The springs are made of high-tensile steel and then cold-formed that will be resistant to sagging. via

Are TEIN Street basis coilovers adjustable?

The ride height can be adjusted by moving the lower spring seat up or down. Characteristic of this system are its simple structure and ease of use. via

How do you adjust TEIN Street basis Z? (video)

How long do TEIN Flex Z last?

I was fully aware that Tein suggest a service / overhaul is done after 2-3 years or approximately 3-40,000km. via

How do I lower my Tein suspension? (video)

How do you adjust Tein Flex Z coils? (video)

How do I adjust Tein Endurapro plus? (video)

How do you lower the rear Tein coilovers? (video)

When was TEIN founded?

Tein (company)

Trade name Tein
Industry Automotive
Founded June 2, 1966
Headquarters Yokohama, Kanagawa , Japan


How do you adjust rear coilover height? (video)

What does adjustable damper mean?

If a damper is 4 way adjustable it means that high and low speed rebound can be adjusted and high and low speed bump can be adjusted. via

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