How much is the Top Secret Supra?

Imported by a dealership in Florida called Kurama Imports, it's listed for sale right now with 169,900 kilometers (105,600 miles) on the clock and an asking price of $74,999. Unlike Nagata's infamous V-12-powered Supra, this example is a bit more subtle. via

How much is a Supra with body kit?

Starting at $14,850 USD, the 2020 Toyota A90/MkV Supra Complete Body Kit is available now on Liberty Walk's website. For more automotive news, Porsche recently unveiled the 2021 911 Targa 4S Heritage Design Edition. via

What body kit does Smokey's Supra have?

It sports a G-force wide-body kit and signature gold paint job of the Top Secret stable and letting everyone know which garage it came out of. While many would have considered that an achievement on its own, Smokey wasn't content with it. via

Who owns the Top Secret Supra?

Kazuhiko 'Smokey' Nagata - the founder of Top Secret, who very much lives up to his nickname - brought the car to the UK in 1999, where he thought he'd see how fast he could get it. At 4am. On the A1M motorway. via

What model was Smokey Nagata Supra?

But, then again, 'Smokey' Nagata is the man behind Top Secret, the Japanese tuning shop that, among many others, gave us the world-renowned V-8-engined Skyline GT-R and the twin-turbo, V-12 Supra. This Supra looks identical to that one but there's no V-12 under the hood. Still, it makes for quite a unique ride. via

Is Hycade body kit real?

Despite being depicted in photorealistic environments, Hycade's bodykits do not exist in real life. via

What is Streethunter?

The company specializes in 3D printed, full-CAD Engineered Aftermarket Car Body Parts such as Body Kits, Aero Parts, Carbon Parts, Wheel, Tire and Suspension Distribution. For more information, visit or call 310-927-5533. About STREETHUNTER DESIGNS. via

How much HP did Smokey's Supra have?

Smokey plucked the 276 horsepower power plant from the $100,000 Century and prepared to replace the Supra's 3.0-liter inline-six. But because the Supra had an extra 54-horsepower on its replacement, some work had to be done. via

How much did Smokey Nagata car sell for?

Supras of Old:

Its styling largely removes the standard form's curvaceous appearance and gives that shape a hunkered down nose that appears to slice through the air. While it was previously estimated at about $500,000, the car was sold at an auction in January this year for approximately $80,700. via

Is Smokey Nagata part of Midnight Club?

Even today all the past members of the Mid Night Club are sworn to secrecy, but some members are obvious. Amemiya-San of RE-Amemiya Japan is said to be a part of the club along with his buddy, Top Secret guru, Smoky Nagata, famous wangan racer. via

What happen to Smokey Nagata Supra?

Smokey Nagata was jailed At Her Majesty's Pleasure, which is a British way of saying “we're going to keep you in jail for an indefinite period of time”. Thankfully, Smokey Nagata only spent one night in a British jail cell, a relatively lenient sentence that, quite honestly, would never happen today. via

What engine can you put in a Supra?

As it turns out, yes, you can stuff an older 2JZ engine into a new Supra chassis. via

How much is Smokey Nagata GTR worth?

The last event featured Paul Walker's R34 GT-R; this event at Toprank follows the same high caliber of vehicle with a one-off Skyline owned by Smokey himself and rumored to be valued at over $300,000 USD. via

Who founded Top secret?

Kazuhiko “Smokey” Nagata

Founder(s) Kazuhiko “Smokey” Nagata
Former series D1GP
Drivers' Championships 1


What is top secret GTR?

Top Secret has created some remarkable cars over the decades, none more iconic than its V12-powered Toyota Supra that could exceed 220 mph (354 km/h). This GT-R hasn't undergone quite as many modifications but it still features a number of aftermarket parts that will help it stand out from a regular R35. via

Can you buy Hycade kits?

We can design and produce body kits exclusively as you wish they should be. This is easy. You don't need any special skills to make a custom design for your car. Our designer will be providing you with the ideas to choose from and improving the ideas you like. via

Does TJ Hunt own street Hunter designs?

In 2019, TJ began a partnership with a designer (and another business partner) to design, manufacture, and sell custom body kits for a variety of cars. Appropriately named Street Hunter Designs, their first kit was for the Mark V Toyota Supra. via

Who is the founder of Street Hunter?

Spyros Papaspyropoulos is a Street Photographer from Greece. He shoots mostly in Rethymno in Crete where he currently lives and in Athens, the capital of Greece, one of his favourite cities in the world. He is Founder of and a strong believer in being free to photograph anything that is in the public. via

Who Created Street hunters?

Hunter Street (TV series)

Hunter Street
Season 1 cast of Hunter Street
Genre Comedy Adventure
Created by Reint Schölvinck Melle Runderkamp


How much horsepower does Smokey Nagata?

Top Secret Toyota Supra by Smokey Nagata Is a Widebody HKS 3.4L Stroker. Earlier this year, we featured the legendary V12 Toyota Supra by Smokey Nagara. The car had that made over 900 horsepower and hit 222 mph (358 km/h) on the Nardo track shares its exclusive body kit with this, the Supra "Final Evolution." via

What is Smokey Nagata car?

Mazda RX-7. Around 4am on November 4, 1998, Kazuhiko 'Smokey' Nagata pulled off the hard shoulder into lane two of the A1(M) and came to a stop. via

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