Can you put a turbo on a V-6 Tacoma?

2.7L I4, 3.5L V6, 4.0L V6

Your Tacoma Year? Although your Toyota Tacoma's stock configuration delivers a fast performance, you can install several enhancements to make it go even faster. One effective way to do this is by switching to a high-quality turbocharger kit. via

Does Toyota make a supercharger for Tacoma?

Magnuson's Toyota Tacoma TVS1900 Supercharger System is designed exclusively for 2016 - 2022 model years, equipped with the 3.5L 2GR-FKS V6 engine. via

How can I add horsepower to my Toyota Tacoma?

  • Choose a cold air intake for even bigger gains.
  • Made with a precision-fit to easily install in your Tacoma.
  • Most air intakes feature reusable performance filters.
  • via

    How much horsepower does a supercharged Tacoma have?

    The bottom line on the Overland-Ready Tacoma

    The supercharger takes care of all of those concerns. Plus, the 370 horsepower with the supercharger is far more powerful than any stock midsize truck. via

    Does the TRD sport have the supercharger?

    The TRD supercharger is a roots-type unit with an air-to-liquid intercooler and its own supply of coolant. The kit also adds larger fuel injectors and iridium spark plugs, but it relies on the stock ECU to recalibrate air/fuel mixture for the supercharger. via

    Does adding a Whipple supercharger void warranty?

    One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to our selection of Whipple Supercharger Systems for Mustangs, F150s, SVT Raptors, and Ford Super Dutys is "will this system void my factory Powertrain Warranty?" The answer is always "Yes." The immense power of these Twin-Screw supercharger systems coupled with via

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