What does it mean when your pulley making noise?

Idler pulley slippage is likely to follow after it becomes worn out enough. This will cause the pulley to bind and then rub against the engine belt. As a result, there will be squealing noises coming from the engine area that will only get worse until the pulley is replaced. via

How much does it cost to replace a pulley bearing?

You will pay anything between $125 and $380 for a full idler tensioner pulley replacement cost. The parts can cost as much as $225 and as little as $85. The labor cost should range between $45 and $150. via

How do I know if my pulley is worn out?

Without a belt, stalling and overheating of the engine become commonplace. For auditory cues, squealing noise from the engine belt can be a tell-tale sign. As the pulley wears, the engine belt may squeal as it rubs against the surface of the pulley. The issue will worsen with time. via

How do you diagnose a noisy pulley? (video)


How do you know if a tensioner pulley is bad?

If the tensioner is loose the belts may squeak or squeal, especially when the engine is first started. It is also possible for the tensioner pulley or bearing to wear out, in which case the vehicle will produce a grinding noise from the pulley. via

How much does it cost to fix a pulley?

How Much Does An Idler Pulley Replacement Cost? The total price to replace an idler pulley can range between $80 and $200. This range includes the cost of the new part as well as the cost of labor. Typically, the auto parts cost ranges from $40 to $90, and the labor costs about $40 to $110. via

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