What is the average cost of a BattleBot?

According to Design 1st, the unspoken budget for a BattleBot can generally cost $100 per pound. Robots can weigh up to 250 pounds for competition, meaning that building a robot can cost upwards of $25,000. But again, even five figures is just a rough estimate. via

How do you get cheap BattleBot? (video)


Can you put a gun on a BattleBot?

Projectile weapons are allowed, as long as they do not create an arena-fouling problem. Projectile weapons must not use explosives. Springs, catapults and gas-pressure powered guns may be acceptable. You may be required to show that your projectile weapon will not damage the Lexan exterior of the arena. via

What is the best BattleBot ever?


  • 1 #1 Bite Force (Heavyweight)
  • 2 #2 Biohazard (Heavyweight)
  • 3 #3 Hazard (Middleweight)
  • 4 #4 Tombstone (Super/Heavyweight)
  • 5 #5 Son of Whyachi (Heavyweight)
  • 6 #6 Ziggo (Lightweight)
  • 7 #7 Diesector (Super Heavyweight)
  • 8 #8 Vladiator (Super Heavyweight)
  • via

    How expensive is Tombstone BattleBots?

    For what it's worth Tombstone was somewhere between 10 and 15 grand. via

    Do BattleBots winners get money?

    According to a Reddit thread, competitors get paid $500 for simply appearing in the arena. The grand winner of the tournament takes home a grand total of $25,000. Runner-ups still go home with nice cash prizes of up to $10,000, and several trophies are distributed for individual achievements. via

    Can you build your own BattleBot?

    Anyone may apply for BattleBot at registration.battlebots.com, but we recommend that you do not start building your robot until you are notified by BattleBots that your application has been accepted, and you have completed other entry procedures that will be required by our broadcast partners. via

    Who drives Whyachi son?

    Steel Reign drives into Son of Whyachi again and gets knocked into the screw itself. Steel Reign attacks Son of Whyachi with its spinning thresher and one hit instantly snaps the thresher in half, throwing a big chunk into the corner of the BattleBox. via

    How do you make a simple BattleBot? (video)


    What is illegal in BattleBots?

    High voltage electric discharge. Liquids (glue, oil, water, corrosives...) Fire (except in BattleBots and Norwalk Havoc) Explosives. via

    What kind of batteries do BattleBots use?

    Batteries are included (two AG13/LR44 batteries for the remote and three AAA for the BattleBot). This product is recommended for children 8 years of age and up. via

    How heavy can a BattleBot be?

    The maximum allowed weight is 250.0 pounds ready to fight. There is no minimum weight. Flying bots (“Flybots”) are limited to a maximum of 10.0 pounds each, ready to fight. via

    Who beat Tombstone BattleBots?

    Victor Soto and Rotator was able to beat Tombstone by KO early in the competition, but Ray Billings' team was able to redeem itself and make yet another deep tournament run. However, in a rematch from the ABC Season 1 title fight, Bite Force was once again able to best Tombstone, eliminating it at the semi-final stage. via

    Why are mini bots allowed in BattleBots?

    Due to their weight, Minibots are generally included for when the main bot is knocked out, meaning that they cannot continue the fight if the main bot is unable to move. If the Minibot is a drone, it is even more vulnerable due to their means of translational movement. via

    Are flamethrowers allowed in BattleBots?

    For the BattleBots reboot aired on ABC, BattleBots changed the rules in order to allow projectile weapons. Many robots in the new season took advantage of this by adding flamethrowers to their robots. This page categorizes every robot with a flamethrower weapon equipped. via

    What does Ray Billings do for a living?

    Team Captain, lead designer, fabricator, and the lucky guy who gets to fund it all! Ray's background includes years of fabrication in the water well drilling industry, law enforcement in CA Department of Corrections, and technical precision in his current position with Intel Corporation. via

    How heavy is the giant nut?

    Weight: 209.5 lbs. Type: Wheeled Primary Weapon: Actuated lifting arm Main Builder: Carlo Bertocchini Battles: 16 Wins: 14 Special Feature: Six wheel drive. via

    Where is BattleBots filmed?

    BattleBots is filmed in Lakewood, California. In fact, the whole BattleBots company is based in California. But more specifically, each battle takes place in something called the BattleBox. via

    Who won BattleBots 2021?

    Their goal is to earn a spot in the top 32 in the winner-take-all championship tournament and ultimately become the 2021 BattleBots World Champion. DUCK!

    Robot Switchback*
    Builder(s) Greg Needel
    Hometown Dallas, TX
    Fight Record 1–2


    How much does building a robot cost?

    How Much Do New Robots Cost? Complete with controllers and teach pendants, new industrial robotics cost from $50,000 to $80,000. Once application-specific peripherals are added, the robot system costs anywhere from $100,000 to $150,000. via

    Who has won the most BattleBots?

    Tombstone is the BattleBots GOAT with an official record of 12 wins, one loss, and a trail of destruction, devastation, and despair in its wake. via

    Is BattleBots 2020 Cancelled?

    BattleBots: Cancelled; No Season Three But Science Channel to Air Episodes. via

    How do you link BattleBots? (video)


    What happened to chomp BattleBots?

    Chomp gets shoved onto the screws by Gamma 9. via

    Where is witch doctor Battlebot from?

    Rick Pease. Kurtis hails from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada and has been building combat robots since 2003. via

    Who is the girl with team Whyachi?

    Elizabeth Ewert

    She also returned for ABC Season 2. via

    How can I build my own robot? (video)


    How do you make a spinner bot? (video)


    What do you need to build a fighting robot? (video)


    What is the heaviest Battlebot?

    Mammoth is the largest heavyweight robot ever built. via

    What is the BattleBots floor made of?

    The matches take place inside the 48' x 48' arena, equipped with safety precautions to protect the audience, referees and drivers from flying shrapnel, fire and charging robots. The arena has a steel floor, steel-framed walls, and a bulletproof polycarbonate plastic roof. via

    Did bite force retire from BattleBots?

    On August 19, 2021, Paul confirmed on Aptyx Designs' Facebook page that Bite Force would not be competing in Discovery Season 6 due to BattleBots not addressing contract agreement improvements regarding team sustainability, which Paul has been trying to get them to do for the last two seasons. via

    How do you stop the hexbug in Battlebots?

    The HEXBUG Original, Ant and Scarab have a black on/off switch on the back side of the HEXBUG. The HEXBUG Inchworm, Spider and Strandbeast have on/off switches on the top of the main bug body which also doubles as A/B band select. via

    Where is hexbug located?

    Greenville, Texas

    Hexbug Spider with IR remote control
    Type Toy Automatons IR Controlled Toys
    Founded 2007
    Headquarters Greenville, Texas , United States
    Parent Innovation First International


    How does LiPo battery work?

    Working principle

    Just as with other lithium-ion cells, LiPos work on the principle of intercalation and de-intercalation of lithium ions from a positive electrode material and a negative electrode material, with the liquid electrolyte providing a conductive medium. via

    How long does BattleBots actually last?

    Running time 30–60 minutes
    Production companies Whalerock Industries BattleBots Productions
    Original network Comedy Central (2000–02) ABC (2015–16) Discovery Channel (2018–present)


    How heavy is Tombstone?

    Tombstone has always been a two-wheeled box-shaped robot armed with a large horizontally-spinning bar that weighs about 65-75 lbs. via

    Who won the 2015 BattleBots?


    Episode Battle Winner
    3 (July 5, 2015) 1 Icewave
    2 Stinger
    3 Ghost Raptor
    4 Bronco


    Are BattleBots staged?

    AT first glance, it's obvious why ''BattleBots,'' the robot fighting show on Comedy Central, would draw television viewers like passers-by to a car crash. It is, after all, a series of staged battles between remote-controlled machines equipped with spinning blades, ramming spears and swinging maces. via

    How do you win robot Wars?

    In each round of the competition, the robots fight in a timed battle. The winner is decided by either a 'knockout' or, if there is no clear winner once the time runs out, a panel of three expert judges will agree on a 'judge's decision'. Flipping an opponent out of the arena into the surrounding trench. via

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