How much does a Vanderhall Carmel cost?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $45,100 N/A
Options (Change)
Total Price $45,100 N/A


How much is a blackjack Vanderhall?

2021 Vanderhall Motor Works Venice Blackjack • $25,950

Offered in Gloss Obsidian Black with complementary accents, performance, and mysterious style, the Venice Blackjack is a menacingly beautiful way to begin your Vanderhall journey. via

How fast is a Vanderhall Carmel?

The GM-engine can not only make the Vanderhall Carmel whiz about at top speeds of 138mph and do 0-60mph in a flat 4.5 seconds; it sounds like a World Rally car when you press that pedal. via

How much is a 2022 Vanderhall?

New 2022 Vanderhall Venice GTS For Sale ($38,749) | Naples Motorsports Inc Stock #V2-003241. via

Is Vanderhall public?

Is a Private Company. Currently, Vanderhall Motor Works is a private company, which is a term for a company that has its shares held by a small number of private shareholders instead of being made available to the members of the general public via the stock exchange. via

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