Why does my semi truck shake when I accelerate?

If the vibration is high when you accelerate or take an upward grade, check the transmission, torque converter, or driveline. If it gets worse as you speed up, it could be a bad tire or driveline. If it gets worse if you slow down by pumping the brakes, it's probably a brake problem. via

Is Volvo VNL reliable?

The Volvo reliability and durability is so recognized, that used Volvo trucks naturally demand a premium over many other used trucks and brands. So, if you're looking for a reliable pre-owned truck, or a truck that holds its value better, look no further than Volvo! via

Why do I feel vibration in my gas pedal?

If you notice a vibration coming from the gas pedal there is a good chance that your vehicle is suffering from an exhaust leak. As the hazardous fumes escape from a small crack or hole it can actually cause the entire vehicle to vibrate, but the sensation will be most prominent in the gas pedal as you accelerate. via

What causes the front end of a truck to shake?

The most common reason for a car to shake is related to tires. If the tires are out of balance then the steering wheel can shake. This shaking starts at around 50-55 miles per hour (mph). It gets worse around 60 mph but starts to get better at high speeds. via

Can a bad drive shaft cause vibration?

Vibrations from under the vehicle

A common symptom of a failing driveshaft is an intense shaking coming from underneath the vehicle. Worn out u-joints, couplers or carrier bearings can cause the driveshaft to vibrate. via

Are Volvo engines good on semi trucks?

Most Volvo engines have an engine life rating of B50. A B50 rating is a fairly high rating, indicating that the trucks perform on par with other long-lived trucks. via

Are Volvo VNL good trucks?

These trucks have heavier frames and have a sturdy build. However, they are heavier trucks which is why they are not usually well suited to long haul trucking. Volvo – Volvos can be a good choice for short haul trucking. via

Can an exhaust leak cause vibrations?

Vibrations. Another common sign of an exhaust leak is a vibration sensation. If you notice the steering wheel vibrating or can feel it in the gas pedal, especially during acceleration, there is a good chance that you have a small leak somewhere in the system. via

How many miles can a Volvo D13 last?

“For instance, the Volvo D11 engine does carry a B50 rating of 1.2 million miles, which is the same as the Volvo D13.” In other words, 50% of D11 and D13 models are expected to go 1.2 million miles before an overhaul or similar major repair. via

How many miles will a Volvo D13 engine last?

The Volvo D13 has 2 million miles, which is the same as the Volvo D13. Therefore, 50% of D11 and D13 models are expected to be discontinued. A major repair or overhaul of a vehicle can take up to 2 million miles. via

Is a Volvo D 13 A good engine?

The D13 is designed to meet and exceed expectations of its hauling capabilities. Not only does it boast power but fuel efficiency as well. With the full weight of 2605 the D13 is the most efficient engine in its class saving money and hauling loads much more profitable. via

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