How long is delivery on a Volvo XC40?

After start production, it will take 8-10 weeks to deliver to your dealer. via

What is the wait time for a Volvo XC40 recharge?

At a 150 kW DC charging station, you can charge the battery from 10 to around 80 per cent in approximately 32 or 37 minutes depending on powertrain (or around 80–100 km range in 10 minutes) – just enough time to rest or have a meal during the trip. via

How long does it take to order a car from Volvo?

Order times can vary by model, configuration, and other preferences, but please anticipate approximately 12 weeks for your vehicle. via

How long does it take for a new Volvo to be delivered?

Volvo lead times

The S60, V60, S90, V90 and C40 are due in nine to 12 months; its SUVs have year-long waiting lists (or longer in some cases). Some long lead times are also the result of Volvo selling through its entire allocation of certain models for 2022. via

Where is the Volvo XC40 recharge made?

Volvo's first ever fully electric SUV, the XC40 Recharge is built at the Ghent plant in Belgium. Volvo has said they are committed to reducing their CO2 footprint per car by 40% by 2025 and so they are ramping up production of their hybrid and electric vehicles. via

Is there a delay on new Volvo Cars?

Due to unprecedented recent demand for new Volvo models, factory delivery times across the range are longer than usual. In some instances, specific variants will now take up to six months or more from the point of order. via

How long does it take to get a Volvo recharge?

The XC40 Recharge is capable of recharging at a peak rate of 150 kW while charging on a high-powered DC fast charger and Volvo claims a 0% to 80% recharge time of 40 minutes. via

Can I use Tesla charger for Volvo?

Also, with the exclusion of Tesla charging stations, your T8 charging cable can be connected to any other manufacturer's charging station to reup your battery. The standard plug-in hybrid charger is SAE J1772. Also, if you are near an authorized Volvo dealer they should have a Charging Station available. via

Can you charge a Volvo on a Tesla charger? (video)

How long does it take to order a Volvo from the factory?

How long does a special order usually take? Special ordering takes longer than buying a vehicle off the lot—typically around 8 to 12 weeks for vehicles built in Sweden or China. via

Does Volvo do custom orders?

If you don't see the new Volvo you want in our New Inventory listings, you can custom order it through the links below. We'll verify your exact specifications with a follow-up call then process your request to get you behind the wheel of your new 2022 Volvo as quickly as possible. via

How much does a Volvo cost in Sweden?

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Model MSRP European Delivery Price
2020 XC40 SUV $33,700 $32,352
2020 XC60 SUV $40,150 $36,938
2020 XC90 SUV $48,350 $43,999
2020 V60 $39,650 $36,478


Why am I waiting so long for my new car?

Buying a new car in 2022 will be a little more time-consuming than normal. Production issues caused by Covid-19 and global semiconductor shortages mean that your brand new motor could take weeks or months longer than usual to arrive on your driveway. via

Why is there such a delay on new cars?

What causes new car delays? Right now a global computer chip shortage is causing delays of up to six months on the delivery of some new cars. There's also a shortage of nearly-new cars because of low sales last year and more buyers opting for a secondhand model instead of waiting for a new one. via

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